No 3D emoji in Windows 11: it was a marketing mistake

A new Windows 11 development compilation has been uncovered with different news that will reach users soon and among them is the new set of emoji in the Fluent Design style … But they are not 3D emoji in Windows 11 “promised” by MicrosoftBut some “sad and nondescript” 2D emoji. And of course, the masses are tearing their clothes.

Seriously: this is news and the axis of it revolves exactly around the absence of 3D emoji in Windows 11, the brand new version of Microsoft’s operating system, something that apparently there were users who were waiting and not only not only has it not occurred, but it will not occur. Not now, nor in the near future, Microsoft itself assures.

There are also no ‘masses’ clamoring at such an outrage, but there are outraged users about to make the Senior Program Manager of the Windows Insider Program, Brandon LeBlanc, respond about something that was supposed to happen, but it will not, and is that the 3D emoji in Windows 11 that some liked so much were … a communication error?

This is what LeBlanc answers, clarifying that Windows 11 will continue to use the usual 2D emoji, to which some reply that it is a deception on the part of Microsoft. LeBlanc’s answer is that no: there was no intention of deceiving anyone and to consider it that way is an exaggeration; what happened was due to an error for using the wrong graphics, implying that there would be emoji

3D in Windows 11. An error for which they apologize and will try to stop it from happening again.

The summary of this story is that Microsoft has been promoting for a time a new set of 3D emoji in Windows 11 that would be released for the entire environment and system applications, although it is not going to happen. And what is this It may seem silly, because it is indeed, has offended some users. But there is something more curious in this news.

As they comment in Neowin, it is not the first time that Microsoft would have been “wrong” showing users very cool things as a hook that finally do not become reality, so there could be some deception on the part of the company.

It should be noted that these users who feel scammed do not represent even a minimum percentage of Windows users, but they do represent the most coffee growers – read enthusiasts if it sounds better – of Windows Insider and it is normal that they make more noise. Now, since when has Microsoft listened to the users of the Insider program, if it is not even able to add tabs to the Explorer!

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