No, he wasn’t really Harrison Ford in the carbonite in Star Wars

If you are on the hunt for curiosities about Star Wars, today I might have one for you that might leave you… petrified. Apparently, in the original Star Wars trilogy, the Outer Rim’s most famous smuggler, Han Solo, hadn’t actually been captured by Boba Fett since Harrison Ford was not the actor in the carbonite!

Well, it was actually a cast (no actor was trapped in the carbonite block), but that cast wasn’t Harrison Ford; at least not completely.

Harrison Ford wasn’t the only actor trapped in carbonite in Star Wars

This funny curiosity comes from the make-up artist in the film, Nick Maley, who runs his own “Yoda Guys Tour Movie Show” in Sint Maarten, the Netherlands. A few days ago, Maley shared a video in which he explains all the details of how this particular prop was created, visible at the end of the de The Empire Strikes Again but, above all (and in more detail), ne Return of the Jedi.

Apparently, the prop consisted of a cast of Ford’s face and hands, but there was another Star Wars actor who replaced the rest of the body.

Maley claims to be “The last person still alive who created the original Harrison Ford cast to put Han in carbonite”. He then went on to explain: “Don’t make a full cast of your lead actor unless absolutely necessary”.

But then whose body is visible in the carbonite?

Before the eyes of Jabba the Hutt, in addition to parts of Harrison Ford, was actually the body of Alan Harris, who played the character of Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back!

Here is the video that explains the whole story in detail:

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