No hope: graphics card prices go up again

Accounting for the price in different parts of the world is not easy and although there is an MSRP, the logistics and shipping costs are so different that they influence the final costs for users. After a sharp rise and a more pronounced fall, the GPU market is back on its feet, how much has the rise been this time?

New report, new prices, new disappointment with NVIDIA and AMD

The dream of many to be able to buy a GPU from one of the two manufacturers is fading little by little and every time it paints further. At least this is reflected in the market and price study carried out in Germany and Austria, where on average the AMD RX 6000 GPUs are a 83% more expensive and the NVIDIA RTX 30 go up to the 72% about your MSRP.

In the middle of the stock maelstrom in which we are and with imbalances as incredible as a GTX 1650 by 550 euros (or worse), both companies are not knowing how to stop the rise. And is that the decline began in May and reached its lowest point in July for AMD and August for NVIDIA. From there the climb has regained strength and we find a similar outlook at the end of February.

It is true that the climb is more progressive and lower in its jumps, more “flat”, but it is constant and it is not going to go down, at least according to the reports that are being discussed behind the scenes.

There is no truce: the prices of graphics cards will rise again


The availability of the models in almost all stores is high, there are deliveries in 24 hours and yet they are still there. The user is not willing to pay almost double for a GPU when its value is really much lower and the forums and second-hand websites are burning in search of models at more competitive prices.

We have passed the halfway point of the useful life of this generation of GPUs and forecasts tell us that the trend will continue until the end of the year and that by 2022 it may not be reversed. In addition, it is possible that this problem overlaps with the launch of the new generations RX 7000 and RTX 40, where then it is possible to see prices close to the MSRP.

Surreal? Much, but it is that since the end of 2020 there are no prices in line with reality and already in December they were shot with a + 25% on average. There’s a solution? No. As we saw there are certain companies that are hoarding stock for unknown reasons, others are taking advantage of speculation and the chain is broken in price and supply.

NVIDIA does not even have models in stock at MSRP to buy, AMD is neither expected nor expected and less according to the statements we saw two weeks ago. The outlook is daunting and the only thing we can do is not enter the game until the price is in line with what we want to pay for a highly demanded product and out of price range, which is testing the patience of every gamer without GPU RX or RTX.

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