No more updating twice a year: Windows 11 changes plans

With the arrival of Windows 10, Microsoft introduced a new update plan within its operating system. So far, every year Windows 10 has received two updates a year, one every 6 months; one of them used to be a maintenance update less, and the other a feature update with new functions.

Windows updates have caused many problems for users, and many headaches for users. Therefore, facing the approach to the evolution of Windows 11, Microsoft has made the decision to change the update plan for its operating system. And finally, we can say goodbye to updating twice a year.

Windows Update W11

One Windows 11 update a year: more than enough

As Microsoft has reported in its blog for system administrators, Windows 11 feature updates will be very similar to Windows 10. That is, they will arrive through Windows Update, they will take a long time to install, and after restarting the PC , We can already enjoy the news of the new version. The difference is that instead of receiving two updates a year, Windows 11 will only receive an annual update. In this way, users will have it much easier to install new versions, while companies will see the update task simplified.

And this is not the only change to Windows 11 support plans. Microsoft has confirmed that each version will be supported for 24 months on the Home and Pro editions of the operating system. The Enterprise and Education editions will run for 36 months.

In this way, it is most likely that Microsoft decides to update its operating system every Christmas (as if it were a gift from Santa Claus), and we can more easily know that the version will be valid until Christmas in two years. There will no longer be any more calculations to play with the 18 months of current support.

And what about the monthly patches?

Initially, there are only changes to feature updates. Microsoft’s operating system will continue to receive patches every month, as it does until now. On the second Tuesday of each month we will be able to install the OS security patches, along with the latest cumulative updates to bring the PC up to date.

At the same time, at the end of each month we will receive, as an optional update, a new quality patch focused on bug fixes. This will be the patch that is forcibly installed the following month along with the new security patches. Additionally, Windows Update will continue to receive driver updates, and other system items, as optional updates.

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