No sound in Instagram Stories? This is what happens to you

One tab to mute them all

One of the most recognized elements of the phones of the company of the bitten apple, in addition to this fruit on its back, it is undoubtedly the slider to silence the phone. Something that has been accompanying these phones since the first model that was presented in 2007.

Its operation is very simple. If we want to silence the phone so that notifications or calls do not bother us, it has only two positions:

  • Forward (closer to the screen): this will be your usual position where nothing is being locked or muted.
  • Backward: here we will see a small red stripe that accompanies the slider. This way we will put the do not disturb mode and all those notifications will stop sounding.

So far the “normal” operation of this little tab that, for lovers of practicality when using the phone, has accompanied us in our day to day on the iPhone. But, with the arrival of iOS 15 this has changed slightly.

iOS 15 is silencing Instagram stories

It seems that, as reported by many Instagram users who own an iPhone with iOS 15, by having this slider active on their phones stories on Instagram stop being heard.

It is true that the intention of this mode “Do not disturb” or “Silence” was intended to make you not disturbed if it was active. But it should only affect those sounds that come from the system, not the internal sounds of third-party applications.

Facebook has stated that it is not clear if the problem comes directly through the update of the latest iPhone operating system or, on the contrary, it is an internal failure of its application:

We are aware that some people have trouble hearing their audio on Instagram Stories. We are working to fix this issue as soon as possible and we apologize for any inconvenience.

According to this official statement On the part of Mark Zuckerberg’s company, although they are not very clear about the root of this error on Instagram, they are working on a possible solution to try to mitigate the problem.

So, if you have an iPhone with iOS 15 and you don’t hear the audio that comes from the stories on your account, don’t worry, the solution is on the way.

What we can recommend is that when you want to browse this social network deactivate the silence slider from your phone. And, in addition, a possible solution that seems to be working for some users with this problem is, although it seems obvious, to do click the volume up button once. Moving on to the next story, if it has audio, the problem should go away.

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