No space for your RTX 40? Look what a “piece” box of NOX

For PC hardware enthusiasts, choosing a good case to showcase your components in all their glory is a must, but also one that has good cooling capabilities. In the case of the semi-tower in question, the NOx Hummer Astrait can house up to 10 different fans, but it is not the only one of its benefits.

The best maintenance for a PC is that it is completely clean and tidy, especially to avoid overheating, unfortunately many users end up hiding their towers in a corner and this is a mistake. Well, the new Nox tower invites us to show the components of our computer and comes with some top features in terms of cooling and space, so that you can show the rest of the world the beast that you have just assembled. How about showing off your brand new RTX 4090 mounted on it?

NOX Hummer Astra, general specifications

The first thing that catches our attention about this box for PC is that reminds us a lot of the Corsair Crystal 680X, without being an exact copy. As you can see, it is a tower that allows us to see the interior of our PC in all its splendor thanks to the fact that both the front of the tower as one of the sides are made of double tempered glass. As for the rest of the chassis, it is built on a chassis of steel with SPCC with a thickness of up to 0.8 mm

As for its interior, we can place without problems A motherboard type ATX or lower Y supports graphics cards up to 420mm in length, so there is plenty of space, even to install an RTX 4090 if you need it inside. And since you are surely going to want to mount a powerful CPU, you are going to want a heat sink for cpu. Well, you can ride one of 160mm. All this in a tower that is 446 mm long, 285 mm high and 430 mm deep and that you can get in two different colors: black and white.

As for the power supply that you can install inside, the NOX Hummer Astra PC box allows you to install a Standard size ATX type PSU.

Internal ventilation capacity

The important thing in any PC case is that it has the ability to keep the components at a good temperature and the NOX Hummer Astra cannot be left behind in that regard, since allows up to 10 fans different with the following configuration:

  • Three 120mm case-side fans, replaceable by two 140mm,
  • A 120mm rear fan.
  • As optional:
    • Three 120mm fans on top or two 140mm fans as an alternative.

Nox Hummer Astra Ventilation

Let’s not forget that a key element of any PC tower is internal cleaning, this is where the removable dust filters come in, which make it easier to have as little dust as possible inside the tower. And a cable management system to keep them out of sight. And by the way, the fans used are of the type ARGB Easy Link Lite that can be connected to each other without cables in the middle, maintaining a more aseptic appearance in our PC box.

In the event that we want to opt for liquid cooling, we can mount the radiator of up to 360 mm in the front, but, in the event that we are interested in placing it in another place, we have space in the back of the box for one of 120mm or on top with a size of 280mm.

Connections and expandability

Regarding the capacity to place traditional storage units, in this tower we can find two internal bays for 3.5-inch internal hard drives accompanied by another three for 2.5-inch units that can be used to place a SATA SSD in each of them or a smaller HDD.

Nox Hummer Astra Front Panel

And to finish we cannot forget the front panel, which includes the on and off button, two mini jacks for microphone and headphones, two USB 3.0 Type A ports and to finish a USB-C port. In addition to having a button to turn the RGB LED light on and off in the fans, which, by the way, we can also control with a remote control that comes standard with the box.

The NOX Hummer Astra Already it’s found available in the usual distributors and points of sale of the brand with a recommended retail price of €124.90.

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