No, there will be no third part of The Last of Us (for the moment)

The Last of Us Part III concept

After the success achieved with the launch of the HBO series, The Last of Us saga he is back at his best. The fans are crazy with the fidelity of the new product and, meanwhile, new fans are born captivated by the story they just saw. But does this story have a definitive end? Is The Last of Us Part II the end of everything?

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The last of Us 2

In an interview conducted by buzzfeed to Neil Druckmann, the co-chairman of Naughty Dog assures that the company has not made any decision to continue with the saga despite having an outline of a possible new plot. The only confirmed novelty for the saga would be Factions, the multiplayer mode that is still in development and which they say will be another chapter in the universe of The Last of Us.

Maybe Factions It is a product desired by many players, but it is evident that it is not what is expected around a new storyline. The Last of Us Part III does not exist in Naughty Dog’s plans, but if they get a compelling script that it manages to transmit the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat have been transmitted in the previous installments, then yes we can talk about the third installment.

No pressure from Sony

As Druckmann himself explains, from Sony they do not exert any kind of pressure. Let’s just say they have total creative freedom, and they own the IP just as much as they do. The clearest example that he gives is that of Uncharted. After three incredible games, the saga said goodbye with Uncharted 4, a game that broke all sales records, and not even for that reason they were encouraged to think about a future installment. The story ended there, and with it, the work of Naughty Dog.

The interesting thing is that it seems that from Naughty Dog they are open to any other developer taking the reins to bring Uncharted 5 to life. Although we imagine that it is something obvious, since as long as they receive money for the new game, everyone will be happy.

So will there or won’t there be The Last of Us Part 3?

The last of Us 2

The impression they seem to give is that they don’t want any kind of pressure about it. They know that this letter will be there, and no matter how bad it turns out, financially it would be very difficult for it to go wrong. Another matter would be to annoy the excellent closure that the saga has had so far. The current ending is hard and firm, and if it stays that way, we’re all happy. If, on the contrary, another story arrives that fits that manages to be at the level (something that supposedly is the only thing they would accept), then the possibility of seeing a new installment would increase.

Obviously from the company they are not going to announce to the four winds that there will be a new part, so all this run run and mystery around rumors and false hopes always helps to keep the story alive.

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