No time to read? So you can listen to audiobooks while you work or walk

Human beings have been reading all kinds of content for centuries, until recently most of it on paper. However, technology has brought us the ebook or electronic books that we read from hardware reading devices. But the thing does not end there, since now we can also use platforms, services and programs that read the books to us out loud, we refer to audiobooks.

It goes without saying that this opens up a wide range of possibilities for us to enjoy our favorite books with minimal effort. So we can know the content of those books through our speakers or headphones without having to read a single word. This allows us to perform other tasks at the same time as with a paper book a hardware reader could not, or at least it would be much more inconvenient. These are what are known as audiobooks that we can listen to through some headphones connected to the mobile, from the car computer, the speakers of the PC, etc.

In fact, now in the middle of 2022 and for some time we have had some platforms and applications that will allow us to carry out what we are telling you about. The audiobooks that we mention are very useful today for those who do not have time to read but who want to continue consuming books as before. Audiobooks are a very versatile and useful type of content for certain circumstances. That is why we are going to talk about some platforms or websites that will allow you to enjoy all of this.

amazon audiobooks


We cannot ignore that the giant of electronic commerce at the time began as a book store. Here you could buy all kinds of physical titles that came to our house, but it goes without saying that amazon you grow a lot. So much so that at the moment it offers us its own audiobook platform, Audible, so that we can enjoy more than 90,000 titles.


This could be considered as the most popular and used program to manage our electronic book library. In addition, it offers us a good number of additional functions for these contents specific. At the same time, it is a very useful solution when it comes to listening to the audiobooks that we are talking about here, on our PC. To do this, all we have to do is install the TTS to MP3 plugin and open a program to easily convert our ebooks into audiobooks.


On the other hand, this is a website that we visit from any browser in which we find a large amount of these contents. In addition, here it is worth noting that all of these are free and we can listen to them legally without any problem. In fact, the platform gives us the possibility of downloading these books or listening to them directly from it.


Similar to the proposal mentioned before, we find this alternative that we can also visit from our favorite web browser. It offers us content in the form of audiobooks belonging to all kinds of genders and available in various Languages. In this case, it is worth noting that we are going to find both paid and free audiobooks.


Here we meet another interesting online proposal in the form of a web page in which the authors have the possibility of publishing their contents. As in the previous case, here we are going to find both paid and free audiobooks, something that we can also receive directly in our email. This will allow us to take the file to any device and listen to it comfortably.

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