Nohema migrated from Veracruz to the United States and taught Spanish: two students murdered her while she was walking

Like thousands of Mexicans, Nohema Graber left her native Xalapa, Veracruz, with bound for the United States in search of a better quality of life. The 66-year-old woman sand established in Iowa, was very loved among her acquaintances and began to give spanish classes on the Fairfield High School in 2012.

Nevertheless, he found death last November 2e, when he took one of his usual walks in Chautauqua Park. Her relatives began desperately looking for her since Tuesday afternoon when she no longer returned from walking. Local police located his body a day later in said green area.

According to reports, the Spanish teacher had a severe head trauma and he was under a wheelbarrow covered by a tarp. Witnesses reported that that day, they saw two teenagers in the park, so the authorities searched and apprehended them as the main suspects.

Is about Willard Miller and Jeremy Goodale, both 16, who are students at Fairfield High School. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office he does not know if they were students of Nohema and the reason why they killed her; But what they do know is that they premeditated the murder of the 66-year-old Mexican.

Now, both teens are being held in a local Iowa prison and will be tried as adults for conspiracy to commit murder and first-degree murder. According to the Daily Mail, neither of them has attorneys for upcoming appearances and they are bailed out at a million dollars.

They gave themselves away on social media

Jefferson police said it was possible to find the whereabouts of Professor Nohema’s killers since Willard and Jeremy they discussed crime on social media. In addition, at the time of arrest, in the home of both adolescents they found clothes stained with blood.

After an interrogation, Miller acknowledged that he was in the park where Graber was murdered, and that he also provided instruments to carry out the crime and help “in the actions taken to commit the murder.”

After the death of the Spanish teacher was announced, her children Nohema and Christian wrote on social media that their mother had been an angel, that thanks to her they spoke Spanish and that they wholeheartedly forgave Nohema’s killers. “There is no point being angry with them. We must hope that they can find peace in their lives,” his daughter posted on social media.

On the Go Fund Me site, friends of Nohema’s family opened a fundraising petition to support her relatives.


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