Noise cancellation glitches on AirPods, how are they fixed?

Rule out that it is a software problem

Although it is not safe, it is most likely that your AirPods are not damaged but that it is due to some software or firmware problem, either from themselves or the iPhone or the device in question to which you are connecting. In the following sections we explain what you should do to rule this out.

Try it on multiple devices

The first thing we advise you to do is try this modality on different devices. That is, connect the headphones to other devices regardless of whether they are from Apple or not and try to activate this mode. In the case that you use an iPhone, iPad or Mac we advise you to change to this noise cancellation functionality from the settings instead of using the button on the AirPods.

This will help you to check if the problem lies with the headphones themselves if it is occurring on all devices. And if only one of them fails, it will be an excellent indication that the computer to which you are connecting it is having problems, although even in this case it could be due to the software.

Check the device’s operating system

If the problem is presented only on one of the devices As we said before, it is advisable that you turn off and on again the Bluetooth of the device that is failing and then try to reconnect the AirPods and activate the noise cancellation. In case it does not work for you, you should reset the settings of that terminal whenever possible and if not restore its operating system to eliminate possible software errors that are causing the inability to activate the noise cancellation of the AirPods.

Although before this it is advisable that you try to update the system of that device to its latest version. If is one iPhone or iPad You must go to Settings> General> Software update and in a Mac a System Preferences> Software Update.

Update the firmware of the headphones

It is advisable that you always have the latest firmware version available on your AirPods and although generally this is a process that is done without you noticing, you can force it in the following way:

  • On AirPods Pro:
    1. Store the headphones in their case.
    2. Put the case to charge via cable. It is possible to do it on a charging base, but the other option is preferable.
    3. Make sure the AirPods are linked to the iPhone and keep them close without doing anything else.

AirPods charging battery

  • On AirPods Max:
    1. Insert the headphones in the original Smart Case.
    2. Make sure they are linked to your iPhone and keep them close by without doing anything else.

You can later check if it has been updated from Settings> General> Information> AirPods, finding on this screen a section called “Firmware version”.

Fully restore AirPods

By resetting the settings of the headphones, you will ensure that all their connections have to be re-established again and with this, possible software problems are eliminated. The way to do it in each of them is as follows:

  • AirPods Pro:
    1. Store the headphones in the case and close the lid.
    2. Wait about 15-30 seconds and open the lid.
    3. Go to Settings> Bluetooth on the iPhone or iPad (Preferences> Bluetooth on Mac) and click on the “i” icon that appears next to the AirPods.
    4. Click on “Skip device”.
    5. Without closing the case lid, press and hold the button on the case until the flashing orange light turns white.
    6. Close the lid and reconnect the AirPods to the iPhone, iPad or Mac as if it were the first time.
  • AirPods Max:
    1. Press and hold the Noise Cancel button in conjunction with the Digital Crown.
    2. Wait for the leed to flash white and release the buttons.
    3. Connect the headphones to your devices as if it were the first time.

AirPods Max settings

If you go to repair with them

After performing the above steps, the problem should have been corrected if it is a software error. If at this point it has not been like that, you will have no choice but to go to the technical service because everything would indicate that it is a problem with the headphones.

Procedure for making an appointment

If you want to make an appointment with Apple technical support to check your AirPods and offer you a solution, either in an official Store or in a SAT (Authorized Technical Service), you should know that you have different ways. The official Webfrom the company from the ‘Support’ section, the application also called Support and available on iPhone and iPad, as well as the telephone number 900 150 503, which is free from Spain.

If for any reason you cannot or do not want to attend the appointment in person, you can request that pick them up at your house. This is done through a courier service that Apple itself makes available to you, which will even deliver the packaging to pick it up. Of course, they could charge you the cost of the possible repair in advance as a deposit.

web technical support airpods

How much can the replacement cost you?

It really depends a lot on the origin of the problem, since in the end there are several factors that could influence. If it is a problem covered by the guarantee, you could get completely free, as if you have contracted AppleCare + would cost 29 euros whatever the repair.

However, in all other cases the price may vary. For the AirPods Max There is no official information about the rates, although if for the AirPods Pro, for which most repairs go through paying 99 euros, although in cases where they perform a complete repair it could amount to 199 euros. In any case, you will receive all the information from the technical service in advance, being able to accept the budget or not without obligation.

Estimated process time

How long it will take Apple to deliver replacement AirPods (or any of their parts) depends on several factors. Yes you go to a store physically and they have stock, you could take them with you at the moment, while if they have to send them to be checked elsewhere or they do not have spare parts, you will have to wait several days (normally 3 to 7). However, in most cases they always have stock.

Yes you requested remote repair It will be at least 48 hours, since it is the estimated time in which your headphones are sent to technical support and how long it takes to send you the replacement. All this without counting the time it takes to review them, so this is the most comfortable option, but not the fastest if you want to have your AirPods with you as soon as possible and fully functional with noise cancellation and all its operational options.

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