Noise Suppression, AMD’s answer to NVIDIA RTX Voice

It’s been a little over two years since NVIDIA introduced RTX Voice, time in which we have been waiting for AMD to give you the reply with its own technology for the same purpose. An unusually long period, in truth, that makes me wonder if the company has preferred to wait to see how well NVIDIA’s proposal was received among its users before deciding whether to get down to work in this regard.

And now it seems that, finally, they have seen the color of the proposal put forward by this technology and, consequently, have developed AMD Noise Suppression, that although it has not yet been officially presented, it has been accidentally leaked by the company itself, as we can read in Wccftech. And it is that, by mistake, AMD would have published the official presentation video ahead of timea video that has already been deleted (or perhaps hidden), but that in the time it remained visible was seen and captured by many users who have echoed it.

AMD Noise Suppression is based, as you may have already imagined, on artificial intelligence, more specifically in deep learning, a branch of AI that is supported by a large part of the software solutions developed by both AMD and NVIDIA for their graphics cards. And its function, as its name indicates, is to provide environmental noise suppression technology when we use the PC to hold videoconferences, record videos, transmit through online platforms, etc.

According to the accidentally posted video, the technology AMD Noise Suppression would already be ready to reach users, which added to the fact that the company has already published on its website how to enable the function when it is available, invites us to think that we will not have to wait too long until it is released. Perhaps it coincides with the launch of the AMD Radeon RX 7000? It is possible, but having such a technology “in the fridge” until October-November, personally seems like a mistake to me.

A) Yes, I think that AMD will not let so much time go by for the presentation and release of AMD Noise Suppression, I think it would make more sense to delay it, at most, until the beginning of September, with back to school. And I remember what I said before, NVIDIA has already offered similar technology for more than two years, in addition to having integrated it into NVIDIA Broadcast, Intentionally delaying it when it is ready is wasting vital time to improve its competitive position against to NVIDIA.

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