Nokia also wants to enter the gamer world with this controller with Google Assistant

Nokia Game Controller 5000GC

Although Nokia is still Nokia, little remains of what we knew of that brand that made incredible (and indestructible) phones. Now the Finnish company also manufactures Smart TVs and multimedia devices, and the last thing that is about to reach its catalog was something that we did not expect: a game controller.

Nokia 5000GC: the gamepad with Google Assistant

Nokia Game Controller 5000GC

This new controller has appeared in some distributors before the brand itself officially announced it, so we already know everything about it. It’s about a controller to play games on android, either from a Smart TV, a phone or a streaming device. Its peculiarity is that it is compatible with Google Assistantsince an integrated microphone and a dedicated button for the service will allow us to launch the assistant and ask for anything.

But if there is something that particularly catches our attention, it is that the controller has a striking resemblance to the Google Stadia controller. We don’t know if the product was intended to be an official complement to the Google service, but now that Stadia is dead, it is inevitable to think that Nokia has been forced to change plans forcibly.

With gyroscope and double vibration

Nokia Game Controller 5000GC

The Game Controller 5000 has a 6-axis gyroscope similar to the Dualshock 4, as well as two vibration motors with which to experience haptic effects with greater intensity. Compatible with any Android device, it can be an ideal complement for those who spend many hours playing on these platforms.

And it is that Nokia hardware usually has a very high level of demand, which is why magnificent products usually come out of its factories. A gamepad with these characteristics seems very interesting to us, so it could be a good option to consider.

Your internal battery promises about 14 hours of gameplay, a battery that we can recharge through the USB-C port that it includes on its front. Its five central buttons offer Start Menu, Back, Start, Options functions and a central button that could launch a customization or Nokia’s own main menu. (ironman.greaterzion) Below, a sixth button will be in charge of launching the assistant and activating the microphone at home by pressing.

When can it be purchased?

The Nokia Game Controller 5000GC will have an approximate price of 53 euros according to the information published by the Finnish distributor Multitronic, although at the moment there is no official information from the manufacturer. The official website showed the product, and although it is now withdrawn, through the Google cache we can see all the information in the absence of its official price.

Knowing all this, we imagine that its launch should take place soon, so it should not take too long to make it official.

Fountain: StreamView (Google Cache)
Via: Gizmochina

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