Nomad Base Station Hub. Now compatible with MagSafe charging

Nomad launches a new and improved charging base for the iPhone 12, iPhone 13 and AirPods, with which it is easier to align devices so that they charge. Nomad is one of the firms with which we have been collaborating for years and the truth is that the quality of its products and accessories surprise once we have them in hand. In this case, with the new charging base, which in appearance is quite similar to the previous model, we can say that the quality of the materials used is really of a very high quality.

We are sure that once you start using any of their products you will really understand what we say and that is that with Nomad you will not have problems of any kind, there are no malfunctions in your chargers or breakage of your straps. Everything they make could have the Apple logo printed on it, is one of the most recognized firms by Apple users And we understand that of many other devices since they have accessories for other brands in their web catalog of products.

What’s in the box for this Nomad charging base

In the box we find everything you need to be able to use the charging base without having to buy other accessories. In this case a really good power cable is added in terms of resistance, made of nylon and with a length more than enough for any user of just over a meter. In addition, adapters are added for the wall connector and that it works anywhere in the world, so we can take the charging base anywhere.

As we can always say that the packaging of this new charging base launched by the Californian firm is excellent and add everything you need to charge your devices right out of the box and connect to the wall.

Base Station Hub Charging Power

MagSafe charging base

In this case we can say that the Maximum load is 10W in its MagSafe part, add an 18W USB C port and a 7.5W USB A port. With these charging powers, users will be able to charge their devices in various ways and it is not necessary to leave the device on the base to charge it, it can be connected directly to the cable although it would obviously lose all grace.

We have to bear in mind that wireless charging bases of this type cannot or must become very hot, therefore it does not add all the necessary security so that this does not happen. Our iPhone will be safe charging in this Nomad base, so there is no need to worry.

Materials of construction of the charging base

MagSafe Charging Base Connection

As we discussed a little above, the materials used to manufacture this charging base are of high quality, he adds synthetic leather for the base and thus protect our iPhone while charging even if it is not wearing a case and aluminum for the base part. We have to say that the cases with support for MagSafe are fully compatible with this charging base, you will not have problems with it.

In the lower part, some rubber bands are added so that it does not slip when we have it on a table and also includes a dynamic LED that adjusts according to the ambient light, disturbing little when it is in dark places. The design is the same as the previous model but On the inside, add magnets for a perfect alignment when charging our iPhone or AirPods.

In general, this base is perfect for charging our iPhone or AirPods thanks to the three coils that it adds inside. In addition, the load is now adjusted directly on the devices that have MagSafe thanks to the magnets on the inside. In this sense, it is not that the devices are literally glued but they are loaded in a simpler way when placed in it. We can use the base in several ways or positions and it allows the iPhone to be placed horizontally or vertically in it, it will charge safely.

The price of the Nomad base with magnetic alignment It is 119.99 euros on the Macnificos website.

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