Nomad Curved Surface Mount for AirTags

There are many accessories for Apple AirTags and in this case, Noma has three models of covers that can be very useful for users of these locating devices. The Nomad Curved Surface Mount, allow the user to stick them anywhere in addition to protecting them against water, abrasions, dust, etc …

This case is a different accessory to the typical keychain that you can find for AirTags, in this case what we have to do is insert the device inside this kind of sticker and place it anywhere. It will be protected at all times and really hidden.

Nomad Curved Surface Mount

Nomad offers three types of Curved Surface available, each of them is made with different materials depending on the use that we are going to give it. The most resistant model would be the fiber one, but there is also the silicone model and the so-called Powermesh.

The one who offers the aramid fiber shell (similar to carbon fiber) It is according to Nomad extremely durable and allows extreme AirTag protection. The hard shell mount is lined with shock absorbing foam to prevent rattle and keep things tight, while being fully concealed for added protection. In addition, the glue they add is twice as powerful so it will be difficult for it to fall or tear it from its location.

They also have in the catalog a model made of silicone and this is flexible allowing a safe protection of AirTag but without being rigid like the fiber. The curved surface mount is lined with shock-absorbing foam to prevent rattle and keep the device securely and securely.

To finish they show a Powermesh manufactured accessory which is somewhat lighter than the rest but without sacrificing the durability of the product. This allows an easy replacement and removal of the AirTag from the interior since it is designed to be stored inside a backpack or suitcase. Do you constantly change luggage and want to track your belongings? This is your choice as we can easily remove the AirTag from the inside and add it elsewhere.

Three types of cool Nomad accessories for AirTag users.

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