Nomad launches new colors for its Sport Band straps

The popular firm Nomad has just launched three new colors of the popular strap for the Apple Watch in its Sport Band model. This is one of those straps in its Lunar gray model that we tested back in the day on I’m from Mac and we really loved it for its quality, durability and comfort.

Well, now the firm decided to launch three new colors that are: Dune, Ash Green and Marine Blue. These colors are added to the previous two and are left with a really good catalog for the user to choose from.

All these straps are compatible with all Apple Watch

The good thing that Apple did not launch a new design on their Apple Watch is that the straps are still compatible and in this case the new Nomad colors are also compatible for users who have a 42 / 44mm or 38 / 40mm Apple Watch.

Nomad is undoubtedly synonymous with quality in materials and manufacturing quality. What happens with this firm is that it is not economical in terms of accessories for Apple devices. In any case, if you are thinking of buying a new strap for your Apple Watch and you want it to be durable and of high quality, do not hesitate to visit the official Nomad website to see the models they have available.

At the time of making the purchase we advise you to look for a supplier in your country since shipments from the United States may even be more expensive than the strap itself. Here we have the Macnificos website which is an official distributor of the firm and now has some interesting discounts, we recommend it.

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