Nomad launches the MagSafe Mount Stand

In accessories for Apple products, Nomad is one of the main ones in the market and in this case the Californian firm has just presented a base with which you will be able to charge your iPhone 12 using the MagSafe.

We can say that in this case the main part of the charger, which is the MagSafe, is not added, but if you have this charger, the base will allow you to add it and directly be able to charge the iPhone 12 in it. It is a base with exact measurements for this type of Apple chargers and can be very useful for those who do not want to have a base with a built-in charger, in this way If you need to take the MagSafe without the charging base, you can do it quietly.

This Nomad charging base is made from a solid block of zinc alloy that, due to its density and weight, offers extra comfort when charging our iPhone. The MagSafe Mount Stand It offers a design similar to that of other chargers or charging bases, but we all know the quality of Nomad and its products, so we are not dealing with a conventional base.

The difference is found in several points but above all in the lower part. This charging base does not add any type of support to the bottom of the iPhone, it is completely free and shows a thin base design and without support for the device. The part that goes on top of the table of this base adds rubber so that it does not slide and also has a considerable thickness that gives weight to the whole to place and remove the iPhone without problem.

The color is space gray and you can see all the details of this base on Nomad’s own website. Its price is $ 59.95 But as always we recommend you wait for it to be sold in stores in our country to avoid tariffs and others.

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