Nomad Leather Loop for AirTags

Today in the market there are many accessories available for Apple Airtags. By now many of you already have your keychain, bicycle accessory, etc. but Nomad continues to launch new accessories and in this case we have the opportunity to try the “different” Leather Loop key ring for AirTags.

In this sense, there are several keyrings for our AirTags on the market, but in leather and with the quality of Nomad we already know that there are few or only those that Apple itself usually offers us. In any case, this small accessory will make our locator device can be carried between the keys hanging in a backpack or anywhere without fear of losing it.

Nomad Leather Loop

Nomad Leather Loop Case

We can say that the quality in terms of finishes of this leather keychain is simply brutal. On the inside of the keychain add the typical double-sided 3M sticker which makes the placement of this device really simple and that its holding is secure. We have been wearing the keychain for a short time but we can say that the quality of the 3M in terms of the passage of time is usually good, in a keychain and as we have seen that the AirTag adheres to it, we are sure that it will hold up well.

Open Leather Loop Nomad

The leather with which these accessories are made are from the renowned Chicago firm, Horween Leather Co., one of the oldest tanneries in the United States. Over time, raw vegetable tanned leather modifies its appearance, developing a finish that we can say is unique in this material. From day one to day 100, our AirTag key fobs will endure with natural wear and tear that will offer an attractive and unique character to the accessory.

Leather Loop Nomad 3M

A different, simple and quality keychain

Leather Loop Nomad

Normally the key rings for this locator device launched by Apple offer the option of inserting the AirTag itself inside a ring or bag. In this case, the Leather Loop model is different and allows us Directly stick the device on the inside of this keychain leaving the ring for the keys in the upper part completely free.

Fitted Leather Loop Nomad

Accessory is available in three colors: cream, black and brown. You can find it on the official Nomad website and in some official distributors of the firm in our country. The price of this leather keychain stands at $ 24.95 on the official website.

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