NordPass for Mac adds biometric authentication

We all have a thousand and one passwords to manage every day. Let’s face it, the ideal would be to have a different password for each service we use. It is true that we do not and so it happens. If at any time we compromise one of them, we may be compromising access to several different services. By the way there are many pages on the Internet where you can check if your email has been compromised and the passwords too. The ideal would be to have a password manager and that is where NordPass comes into play that now it is updated by adding biometric compatibility on Mac.

The functions that NodPass can provide us are several. From the ability to automatically save passwords while browsing, and being able to log into existing accounts with just a few clicks, to safely storing credit cards, secure notes, and personal information.

That without forgetting its main function. What is to manage passwords that we are adding as we sign up for new services or social networks.

With the new update, NordPass can use biometrics to strengthen access to those passwords while making it more comfortable for the Mac user.

NordPass biometrics

This new function, which was previously only available on mobile devices, means that instead of typing the master password, we can put our fingerprint or use Face ID l to log in.

Good news that will increase the security of the application. However. Biometric authentication alone is not enough. The best way to ensure maximum security for your accounts is to use it in conjunction with the double authentication technology. Either through dedicated applications or by receiving a password that must be entered. For example via SMS.

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