NordVPN is back in force with its new offer

Right now, 70% off and one month free are waiting for you at NordVPN. Don’t miss this hot deal.

If your New Year’s resolution is to save money, you’ll be thrilled, as VPNs are vying for promotions to start 2022 off right. But what exactly are VPNs? These are software designed to protect your sensitive information and preserve your privacy on the net and on connected applications.

But such tools will also allow you to browse anonymously or to thwart geo-restrictions. And in all of these areas, if there’s one provider you can trust, it’s NordVPN. And today, his subscription is displayed at only €3.15 per month, instead of €10.59.

Take the opportunity to equip yourself while saving money.

Discover the NordVPN offer

What the NordVPN app will do for you

If you’re inquiring about choosing a VPN provider, you should know that there are quite a few out there and deciding can be tricky. All boast of being the best, but only a few are truly qualitative.

This is particularly the case with NordVPN. Its application gives you access to more than 5,200 highly secure servers. Thanks to its extensive infrastructure, NordVPN is able to fully protect you by encrypting your browsing data and completely disguising your IP address.

But NordVPN goes further to ensure your privacy is optimal: it offers you the Kill Switch option. This suspends your traffic if the VPN disconnects, so you won’t be browsing unprotected.

With around 60 countries covered, NordVPN also allows you to change your virtual location by connecting wherever you want in the world. This will be particularly useful for unblocking geo-restricted websites, foreign TV channels or even Netflix catalogs

NordVPN will also allow you to connect up to 6 devices at the same time to make the most of its advantages. Thus, you can install NordVPN on your PCs, tablets, smartphones, but also Smart TV. And if you’re new to VPNs, fear not, because NordVPN’s app is really easy to pick up.

The NordVPN package down -70% with 1 month free

Were you convinced by this quick description of NordVPN’s security and services? Then you will be particularly happy to learn that at the moment the software is displaying an impressive promotional offer.

To benefit from it, you just have to choose the 2-year subscription to the VPN. You will thus benefit from an immediate 70% reduction on your subscription, but also from an additional free month. In this way, you will be subscribed to NordVPN for 25 months, after a one-time payment of only €78.85.

Knowing that in normal times it takes 264€ for such a subscription period, this promotion saves you more than 180€. In more telling terms, know that if we put that back to the price per month of the VPN, this offer brings it down from 10.59€ to only 3.15€.

In addition to this price drop, this NordVPN offer also gives you access to a “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. This applies for 30 days from your subscription, in order to allow you to change your mind without financial consequences. So don’t miss this opportunity to equip yourself with NordVPN at a very low price.

This is where it happens:

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