NordVPN is now natively compatible with Apple’s M1


With the pandemic, many were the workers who had the opportunity to continue working from their homes. Depending on the company, using a VPN was practically mandatory, so this type of services, like video calling applications, experienced significant growth.

If we talk about VPN services we have to talk about NordVPN, one of the most complete services and veterans of the market that had an important but For Mac users with the M1 processor, the application was not natively compatible with ARM processors. Fortunately, this problem is a thing of the past.

NordVPN has announced that the application available for Macs with the Apple M1 processor, finally is natively supported. The application runs in the background and hardly interferes with the operation of Macs, so the guys at Nord have taken it very calmly when launching this version. So far, the only option available was to use the Rosetta 2 emulator.

According to Vykintas Maknickas, NordVPN Product Manager:

We’ve redesigned the NordVPN app to work natively on M1 Macs, optimizing app performance and user experience on new devices.

Additionally, by redesigning our app to work natively on different operating systems, we took the change process into account and kept the user at the forefront.

If you use a Mac with the M1 processor and the version for Intel processors, you do not need to uninstall the version you have installed, since the application will automatically download the update for these computers without the user having to do absolutely nothing on their part.

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