NordVPN sells its VPN which has an integrated antivirus

NordVPN is a quality VPN offered at a very affordable price, with an integrated antivirus. This gives you a fully encrypted connection while blocking malware and other web threats.

from 2.89€

Satisfied or refunded 30 days

5000 servers

6 simultaneous connections maximum

60 countries covered

More details

Complete NordVPN Features.

– 72%


For 24 months

– 58%


For 12 months


During 1 month

The use of VPNs is constantly increasing in France. If you also want to secure your Internet traffic and keep your personal data safe, here is a great offer to get you started without breaking the bank. NordVPN that we no longer present offers a reduction of 72% on its VPN which is one of the best on the market. Visit this website internetprivatsphare to learn more about such online security options.

In addition to being one of the best in its category, NordVPN has recently launched its antivirus solution integrated directly into the main software. No need to install another application: it is an all-in-one proposition that does not increase the price of the VPN at the base. Quite the contrary, since today we see the price of NordVPN drop considerably.

A VPN + antivirus at €2.89 per month

This VPN is normally offered at a price of €10.49 per month. But you can get it much cheaper right now thanks to a big discount on the 2-year plan. Indeed, by choosing this formula, the price increases to €2.89 per month. You therefore pay €69.36 instead of €251.76. This corresponds to a nice reduction of 72%.

It is still possible to subscribe to the 12-month package, but the reduction on this formula is less significant. You will pay €52.68 instead of €125.88, which amounts to €4.39 per month. You get a 58% discount. This is still considerable, but it is much less than the reduction offered on the 2-year plan. Find more such interesting deals at privacyenbescherming.

What are the features of NordVPN?

The VPN offers very comfortable speeds to cover all your daily bandwidth needs. This is an essential condition as a criterion for choosing a good VPN. NordVPN has over 5000 servers in 60 different countries. You can also use it on up to 6 devices simultaneously. This solution is based on a secure tunneling protocol: the NordLynx. It provides enhanced protection for your traffic thanks in particular to a AES-256 encryption.

To find out everything, do not hesitate to read our NordVPN test where we give our opinion on the solution. Finally, the other strength of NordVPN is that it includes an anti-malware solution that protects you against web threats. You receive alerts when you go to dangerous sites. The VPN also scans downloaded files and attachments automatically to detect any threats. This is a big plus.

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