Normal or from the Microsoft Store: which Firefox should I install?

Mozilla has been one of the companies that has been behind the Windows application store the most. For her, this store provides very interesting added value to users, which improves both the download of the browser and its maintenance.

Now that Microsoft is going to allow browser uploads to its store, Mozilla has confirmed that Firefox will be available in the Windows Store by the end of the year. However, is it really worth downloading the browser from this store?

The Microsoft Store: advantages and problems

Microsoft has wanted copy Apple as it relates to the macOS app store (and in many other things, since always). Thanks to this store, users can have a place to search and download all kinds of programs on their computer quickly and easily. These programs can be designed in app format (UWP), or be the typical packaged Win32 program and ready for deployment.

This application store gives us many advantages compared to searching and downloading programs from the web. For example, we can find the program very easily, and download it with just a couple of clicks. In addition, we will be sure to be downloading an original version of it (it has not been modified) and always the latest available to install it on the PC. As if that were not enough, the updates of the programs downloaded from the Microsoft Store are also much simpler, faster and more automatic.

But not everything are advantages. The Microsoft Store also stands out for the large number of fake programs that we can find in it. And it is much more prone to errors when downloading or updating programs that can give us more of a headache. Furthermore, downloading a Win32 program packaged as a UWP application does not provide us with the improvements of native universal programs. Therefore, in terms of performance and functionality, nothing will change.

So where is it better to download Firefox? Facing the user, there will be no difference between downloading it from the Windows 11 application store or doing it from the Mozilla website. The browser is going to be the same, with its functions, features, and performance. And we will not have any advantage in relation to updates, since Firefox has automatic updates in Windows for some versions.

Therefore, we can download the version that is most comfortable for us, without fear that we may have problems. And if you haven’t tried it yet, we recommend giving it a try by downloading the latest version from the Mozilla website.

Firefox on W11

Along with Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi and more will bet on the store

It is clear that Firefox is not going to be the only browser that is going to bet on the Microsoft Store. Although at the moment no other developer has commented on the matter, it is almost certain that in a short time we will be able to see Google Chrome available within this store. Above all, if we take into account that you have already tried on some occasion to bypass the restrictions of the current store.

Vivaldi, Opera, Brave and other browsers have not commented on it either. However, it is almost certain that we will also find them in this store in a not too distant time. In the end, it is another means of distribution, very simple and comfortable for users. And, thanks to him, probably more than one will dare to give them a chance.

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