Normal or from the Store: which version of Kodi to choose

If we have to opt for a multimedia player that helps us with our content of this type, there is no doubt that Kodi it is one of the most attractive and functional options. In addition, it is a program that we can install on all types of operating systems and devices completely free of charge.

It is worth knowing that it is an open source project that has been with us for many years and that it was previously known as XBMC. Actually, it is a complete multimedia center valid to allow us to reproduce and manage photos, videos, music, television channels, streaming sources, etc. With everything and with this and despite its enormous functionality, in certain sectors this software is considered as taboo.

And it is not that it is any illegal program, at all, what are not entirely illegal are some of the add-ons that we can install on the player. These are developed by third parties and they call and give us access to copyrighted content for free. But at the same time we can find many others in repositories with their corresponding totally legal and legal add-ons. We have already told you that this is a program compatible with all types of devices and operating systems.

If we focus on Windows, we must take into consideration that we have a version that we download from its official website, Win32, and another UWP that we download from the system store, the Microsoft Store. Therefore, at this point, we may wonder which version we are most interested in installing, the normal version of still or the one focused on Windows.

Which version of Kodi should I install, Win32 or UWP

When making this decision, install the Kodi version of the Microsoft Store or the usual one on your website, first of all, there is something that we must take into account. By this we mean that in the conventional version we can choose between a 32-bit or 64-bit architecture. Therefore, if we have an old 32-bit computer, we should download the executable from the web.

Apart from the architecture that we have commented to you and that we can choose the conventional version, the user interface of both versions is quite similar. However, another differential factor that we are going to find here is that when downloading Kodi from the Microsoft Store, the updates will be carried out automatically. This method is more comfortable than the usual one in which we have to download the new version from the official website and install it on the computer. With everything and with it, when updating we do not lose our configuration or accessories.

kodi interface

What’s more, in the Win32 version of the player we have the possibility to make a backup of all this, something that is not possible in the UWP. Regarding the consumption of resources, the program must say that in both cases it is very similar. Perhaps the most striking thing here is the high GPU consumption which both versions do when we play high definition video content.

kodi consumption

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