North Korea confirms launched ballistic missile for submarine

North Korea announced today through official media that what it fired the day before as a test was a submarine ballistic missile (SLBM).

The agency KCNA assured that the Academy of Defense Sciences tried a SLBM in waters off the north-eastern coast of North Korea.

On Monday, the South Korean army detected the launch of a SLBM short-range of unknown type to the Sea of ​​Japan (called the East Sea in the two Koreas) from the vicinity of Sinpo, a town where the regime has its submarine development center.

KCNA said it was “successful in the test launch of a new type of SLBM” and that it was fired from the same submarine from which North Korea successfully tested its first SLBM in 2016.

Supervised launch

Although KCNA showed photos of the launch, it is unknown if Tuesday’s launch was actually carried out by the Sinpo-class submarine supposedly used in 2016 or if the SLBM was fired from a submersible platform, usually the previous step to early-stage testing of this type. projectiles.

The missile fired is apparently one shown the previous week in an exhibition held in Pyongyang whose name has not yet been mentioned in North Korean state media.

The launch was supervised by Yu Jin, one of the department directors of the North Korean single party, and was not attended by leader Kim Jong-un.

Washington ready to meet

KCNA assured that the SLBM, “in which a number of advanced guidance control technologies such as flank mobility and vertical dodge and gliding glide have been added”, will contribute to “improve the submarine operational capacity” of the naval forces. North Koreans.

The North Korean launch, the fifth in just under five months, seems to highlight the regime’s intention to showcase its new military technologies in the face of a possible restart of the denuclearization dialogue, stalled since 2019.

The Home White she insisted again on Tuesday that she is willing to meet with Pyongyang at any time and without preconditions, an offer that the North Koreans have so far rejected, possibly in the hope that Washington Make a deeper initial offer, in the opinion of many experts.


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