Norton launches cryptocurrency mining solution

Norton is already known for its antivirus solution, but the firm is now embarking on mining with Norton Crypto.

In the world of antiviruses, Norton is surely one of the most famous names. Used by millions of people around the world, computer software has proven itself and today protects a great deal of data. But now, at the start of 2022, the teams behind the antivirus have decided to add a string to their bow, and the application has just presented a brand new feature, to say the least surprising.

Indeed, Norton now offers to use the application to mine cryptocurrency, even when the latter is not open on the user’s computer. An announcement made at the beginning of the week by the thinking heads of the antivirus, and which surprised. Indeed, Norton was for the moment not really entering the dance of cryptocurrencies and even less of computer mining.

But rest assured, if you have the application on your computer, it has not started undermining your back for a few days. Norton obviously asks the user for permission before launching a cryptomining process.

Mining, an activity not for everyone

Complex and very expensive in energy mining can be seen by some as an “easy” solution to making money. But the reality is much less colorful. Indeed, mining is a real plague for the environment. The latter is very energy-intensive and it pumps all the power, or almost, of a computer.

If the mining is started on a portable product, you can already say goodbye to your battery and leave the computer connected to the mains. But this investment comes at a price. Indeed, mining in general can bring big returns and countries like Kosovo or Kazakstan are real lands promised for the miners.

For its part, Norton offers to redistribute the hard-earned cryptocurrencies by mining your computer directly to the user. According to the company’s announcement, the latter recovers a 15% commission on the cryptocurrency that has been mined. Announcing a few months ago the Norton Crypto application had made a lot of noise and it still does not seem able to seduce users.

Software that is the subject of debate

Indeed, many of them who wanted to try the mining adventure have the greatest difficulty in going back and uninstalling the software.

On the side of Norton Group, we seem to assume this complicated launch. The application reminds that the use of Norton Crypto is done only on the request of the user and that the uninstallation is possible. The software also defends itself, explaining that it wanted to offer a secure mining solution, so that users do not get fooled by a pirate application.

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