Not Enough Mana, on Kickstarter a drinking game (of potions?)

Not Enough Mana come on Kickstarter: here is the campaign of drinking game in which only the most thirsty magician will be able to get the better of others, to the sound of magic, cards and… drinking!

Let’s find out more about this party game, which promises to be really “witty”.

Not Enough Mana, a magical drinking game on Kickstarter

Not Enough Mana, or a potion drinking card game of wizardly struggles, educated choices and regret when choices backfyre (and just remembering the whole name is a challenge, even when sober) is a title for 3 to 6 players whose duration is between 60 and 120 minutes; or rather, it depends on the stamina of the players.

The object of the game is to bring your opponents’ mana to zero by playing cards and casting spells. Playing cards has a mana cost, and being targeted by a spell causes you to lose mana. Okay, but how is mana earned then? Mana is obtained by drinking “potions”.

At this point any other explanation would become superfluous, were it not that the game structure seems interesting, with a great variability of cards and events that affect all players. You can take a look directly at the Not Enough Mana page on Kickstarter at what looks like a caciarone title but perhaps hides a complexity not immediately visible.

The author of the game, which will be published by Superhot, is Paweł Piskorski. We wouldn’t want to be in the team’s livers after playtesting the game!

To be able to finance Not Enough Mana, you start with a minimum contribution of 25 euros, but don’t tell me that the Archimage Edition at 39 euros with improved materials and 6 glasses for the “potions” you prefer does not entice you! Delivery is scheduled for January 2022.

And remember: drink “potions” responsibly… but play as hard as you can!

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