Not from Ready Player One, Cooler Master’s ORB X gaming pod is real

Cooler Master defines its ORB X as follows: “It is a multi-purpose workstation that takes total immersion into account. A sleek, semi-enclosed desk space is housed in a fully automated motorized shuttle dome for maximum privacy; Enhanced audio and visual capabilities really add to the immersion as the Orb X supports up to three 27 ″ monitors and surround sound speakers are housed directly at the workstation to create a realistic and accurate soundstage even without headphones. . In addition, a newly designed ergonomic recliner provides an adjustable headrest, lumbar support and footrest for personalized comfort.

ORB X, the futuristic gaming of Cooler Master

Following some design guidelines taken from science fiction movies in general and top hits like Ready Player One, Cooler Master has introduced this concept of a “workstation” (which has little work, honestly) independent and semi-closed for games and professionals.

The ORB X game pod is, according to Cooler Master, a privacy-oriented solution for greater immersion and productivity in all levels of PC use, be it a professional user or a conventional user with gaming aspirations. Attending to these use cases, the ORB X has a support for a single monitor of up to 49 inches or for three 27-inch screens, and includes an immersive audio system integrated into the case.

As its name suggests, we are looking at a “fully automated motorized shuttle dome” that almost looks like one of the capsules in which the Dragon Ball Saiyans came to earth, but with RGB lighting, yes, it cannot be absent. Its ergonomic chair with adjustable headrest, lumbar adjustment and footrest stand out for greater comfort and ergonomics.


The device obviously has a USB hub, a keyboard and mouse tray, and even integrates a wireless charger for smartphones. The dome can be activated to receive the user with a single touch of a button, which will activate its motors to immediately transform into a suitable position so that the user can easily enter and sit.

A hidden and removable compartment is located at the back, and serves to hide a complete small-format PC inside (they say nothing, but it looks like the “PC” inside has to use a box included with a already predefined form factor, where obviously all the connections go to be able to connect the USB hub, monitors and peripherals.


For the moment, Cooler Master has not talked about a launch date or price, but surely we will be talking about a price range that will take us to the four high figures or even five figures (we are talking about that it could reach cost up to 10,000 euros).

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