Not just .7z, these are the supported formats in 7-Zip

Among the many applications that we constantly find on our PC, one of them refers to the compression and decompression of files. These programs help us to save some space on the drives, or to optimize the sending of large amounts of files over the Internet. Among the many proposals to choose from here, the 7-Zip software is one of the most interesting.

Actually, when talking about this solution that we are commenting on, we find a powerful open source project that we can download and use for free. We must not forget that the space we have in our computer hard drives is becoming more valuable. This means that its waste is not something that should be carried out in these times. Thus, these compression programs that we mentioned will be very useful to us. But that is not their only function, since they also allow us to combine a huge amount of information in a single file.

In this way, sharing or saving all this will be much more affordable as well as simple. Of course, something that we must take into consideration with these programs is that they usually have support for multiple compressed file formats. This means that we have the possibility to choose the one that best suits our needs in each case. But sometimes we must keep this compatibility in mind, since it may be the case that the receiver of the file cannot open it with his program.

If we focus on the 7-Zip application, we will tell you that it has a proprietary and native format. This is the one known as .7z which is used here by default.

7-Zip Compressor Format Compatibility

But as it is easy to imagine, in addition to the aforementioned .7zthis solution open source software is compatible with others compression formats. This extends the use of the program thanks to this compatibility and the possibility of using both input and output files in other programs. By default, and as expected, this application uses the .7z proprietary type for compression, but it is something that we can easily modify.

contextual 7-zip

Another section that we must keep in mind is that the compatibility that we are talking about here is not the same when it comes to compressing information, that when decompress. We can say that the number of supported files is much higher when it comes to opening those that come to us. This means that we probably won’t have any problem decompressing any file that comes to us via email or we download from the internet.

Therefore, next, we are going to show you the file formats both in one way and another in the use of 7-Zip. When it comes to compressing files, the formats that we can configure in this specific application are the following:

  • 7z
  • XZ
  • BZIP2
  • GZIP
  • ART
  • ZIP
  • W.I.M.

Now, in the event that we receive already compressed data, when decompressing those files, from 7-Zip we can do it with these types in addition to those mentioned above:

  • AR
  • ARJ
  • CAB
  • CHM
  • CPIO
  • DMG
  • EXT
  • FAT
  • GPT
  • HFS
  • IHEX
  • ISO
  • LZH
  • LZMA
  • MBR
  • M: YES
  • NSIS
  • NTFS
  • QCOW2
  • RAR
  • RPM
  • UDF
  • UEFI
  • VDI
  • vhd
  • VHDX
  • VMDK
  • XAR
  • Z

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