Not just on Windows, these are the systems where Java works

The truth is that while only a few years ago Java could be considered an almost essential component in most PCs, it is no longer the case. The main reason for all this is that everything related to this software is gradually disappearing for various reasons. This is a component that over the years has been responsible for making other software solutions work effectively. In fact, there were a lot of programs that needed it to run.

But among other things for security reasons, its use has declined ostensibly in recent times. Java was originally a powerful programming language used all over the world. Property of Sun Microsystems, this is a component that became key to multiple applications and web platforms. Without it, these elements could not function correctly. It’s worth noting that this is something that was, and still is, extensible, on both desktop and mobile devices.

But as we tell you today, despite the fact that its use is falling dramatically, it is still present and is necessary in many teams. Therefore, it may be the case that at a given moment we ask ourselves the operating systems on which the Java component still works. This is precisely what we will talk about next and how you can download it safely and easily.

Download Java on supported operating systems

The first thing that we must take into consideration is that, if any online platform or software does not request the Java component, we must download it from its official website. There are many other Internet pages that offer us the same, but it is best that we distrust. Java already has enough security problems without adding the malicious codes that other websites can add.

As we mentioned, it may also be the case that we wonder if our operating system is compatible with this software element. Well, at this point we will tell you that we still have the possibility of downloading Java in a wide variety of systems. To begin with, its official website offers us several types of downloads for Microsoft software, Windows. This allows us to add it to our team through an online or complete installer.

java systems

In the same way we will have the possibility of install Java on macOS-based computers as of version 10.7.3. And that’s not all, but we can also make use of this software component on most Linux distributions with which we can work today. To everything mentioned we can add the compatibility that this element also has with Solaris.

Due to all this and as you can imagine, we are not going to find many problems related to incompatibility when downloading, installing and using Java on our computers.

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