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Xiaomi TEJ4018GL – 300 Portable Photo Printer

Xiaomi printer

This Xiaomi portable printer it has an application that you will have to use to be able to print the photos. In addition, as you can foresee, you will also have to acquire separately the photographic paper on which you want to take your images. Once you have everything ready, you just have to select the photos you want to take on your iPhone and print them.

It is undoubtedly one of the most interesting printers, since its size is quite small, which will allow you to be able to transport it with total ease inside a backpack or a bag, and also the aesthetics is very simple and minimalist. As for the price, it is one of the cheapest options that you will be able to find.

instax 16640670


One of the most popular brands in this sector of photographic printing is instax, and obviously the product they offer gives evidence of why it is one of the references in this world. In the first place, what stands out is the style that has been given to the photographic printer, a retro design which is available in different colors and that certainly makes it a lot of fun.

The size is also very small, encouraging all users to they can take this photo printer with them everywhere to be able to physically take the photographs that they are taking with their iPhone. It has a rechargeable batteryand in addition, it also has design templates to make your photographs even more original.

Kodak Mini 2 Photo Printer


In the world of photographic development, one of the companies with the most name is undoubtedly Kodak, and to continue to be with all the users who want to take their photographs as it has traditionally been done, they have joined the offer of portable photographic printers . In this case we are talking about the Kodak Mini 2 which, among other things, stands out for its small size.

This printer you can connect via Bluetooth to your iPhone and it will allow you to instantly print the photograph or photographs you want with just a few small steps and in a few minutes. As we said, the size invites to be able to transport it with total ease, which will allow you to be able to print photos at any time and place.

HP Sprocket Photo Printer


Another of the most recognized companies, in this case in the world of printers in general and technology is HP, and obviously, it also has a really interesting instant photo printer that offers a fantastic price / quality ratio. With it you can print on adhesive paper from any device, whether iOS or Android.

The size, again, is one of the most outstanding points of this printer, and it is that it has such small dimensions that it allows you to be able to transport it very easily. In addition, with it you can also print your photos from camera roll, the social networks themselves, or even Google Photos.

Apps to take your photos

We put photo printers aside to focus on applications that will allow you to print your photos without leaving home. You just have to worry about choosing them well and using one of the following apps to send those images to your home. It will take you a few minutes and in a few days you will have them ready.

FreePrints – Print your photos


It is an application whose mission is to transfer the photographs that you have on your iPhone to your hand. In addition, it has different promotions that will allow you to get more than 500 free photos every year. It has really cheap prices and offers a wide variety of sizes so that you can print the photograph just the way you want.

With this app they are all facilities, since you can choose photos from practically wherever you wantBe it the camera roll, a social network like Facebook or Instagram, as well as traditional cloud services. You will achieve all this in a few steps, very intuitive and easy to carry out.

FreePrints - Print your photos
FreePrints - Print your photos

CHEERZ – Photo Development


One of the most popular applications and, in general, services to be able to print photos from home with your iPhone is Cheerz, hence it has so many positive reviews on the App Store. You will be able to create albums from photos, magnetspersonalized, paintings, reveal all the photos you want, all without leaving your device.

The quality of the product is fantastic, which is why there are so many users who again and again choose this application to print their photos or give them a life in the form of a calendar, magnet and other options that you have available in the same application. Its interface is very intuitive, so you will have no problem carrying out the task you want to do.

CHEERZ - Photo Development
CHEERZ - Photo Development

LALALAB. – Photo printing


We continue talking about applications that will allow you to print all the photos you want without having to make a single effort. LALALAB is one of the apps that will allow you just that, to make things as easy as possible so that you can enjoy those special photographs in physical format, bringing memories to life.

It has a very simple and intuitive interface, as well as a wide variety of products from which you can choose the one that best suits your needs or preferences. Another point for him that this application stands out is for the quality of materials They use to carry out all customer orders.

LALALAB.  - Photo printing
LALALAB.  - Photo printing

Hofmann – Print Photos


Without any doubt, another of the most prestigious brands in the world of photography is Hofmann, which also offers users a fantastic application through which you can print all the photos you want. In addition, you will not have to move from where you are, you just have to use your iPhone for it and in a few days you will have your images developed at home.

But beware, you will not only be able to acquire your developed photos, since they also have other types of product available such as albums, calendars of pictures, books or other types of products such as masks, paintings stickers or even cushions. All this with the highest quality in the finishes and in the products that they offer to all users.

Hofmann - Print Photos
Hofmann - Print Photos

Websites that reveal photos

We finish with the applications and we are now going with a series of web pages that will allow you to carry out practically the same thing that the previously described apps do. These are services that offer a wide variety of alternatives, both when developing photographs and making very original products with said photographs.



This is one of the most popular web pages when it comes to talking about both photo development and the creation of very original products related to photography. Offers a wide variety of developments, in different formats with different designs, so you can choose the one or those that you like the most or best suit your needs.

However, this is not the only product that you will be able to access, they also have frames, paintings, accessories to hang or put your photographs in an original and fun way, as well as posters, mugs, cases, in short, a wide variety of products that you can order so that in a few days you have them at home ready to decorate.



If the Cheerz application has not convinced you or you do not handle yourself very well within it, you also have the web version available, or rather, the Cheerz web service through which you will be able to order all your photographs very easily from your iPhone or any other device in just a few seconds.

It also has a wide variety of photography related products such as calendars, magnets, canvas photos, photo boxes, different accessories to decorate the wall with your photos, puzzles or even fully customizable cards or postcards. In short, it is a site through which you can give a fantastic life to all the photographs you take with your iPhone.



We end up with one of the brands or companies that They have been dedicating themselves to developing photographs for years. Fotoprix is ​​not only an online service but also has different physical stores spread throughout Spain. However, through its website you will be able to do practically everything that you propose, and obviously, among this is the possibility of revealing all the photos you have from your iPhone.

It has a high quality material, so that they guarantee that your photos will be taken through this website, since they also have different products such as calendars, photo journals, posters or sheets. In addition, they guarantee that in a few days you can have your entire order available at home to start enjoying it.

What option are we left with?

As always, when we carry out this type of post, we like to tell you what are the options that, on a personal basis, convince us the most. Obviously this is a totally subjective opinion that is subject to specific needs and tastes, so it does not mean that the ones we mention are better than the rest of the alternatives that we have proposed.

  • Best Photo Printer: Kodak Mini 2 Photo Printer.
  • Best apps to develop photos: CHEERZ.
  • Best website for developing photos: Photobox.

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