Not upgrading to Windows 11? Relax, you will have Windows 10 21H2

Unlike other companies, Microsoft does not abandon the support of an operating system just launches a new one. Windows XP has been supported until 2014, while Windows 7 has had updates until January 2020. With Windows 10 the same will happen, since Microsoft has confirmed that its new OS will be supported until 2025. Although, the truth is, not it is clear if we will continue to see two updates a year, one, or the next Windows 10 21H2 it will be the latest version.

A new update for Windows 10 users

Despite the announcement of its new system, Microsoft plans to continue with the plans it had so far for its operating system. Thus, all users of Windows 10 will receive a new update in the second half of 2021: 21H2. This update, surely, arrives even before Windows 11, so all users will go through it yes or yes before installing the new system.

Upgrade to Windows 10 21H2

21H2 is surely not a feature update but will focus on updating some of the features already present in the system such as Universal Print, as well as improving other features such as Windows Autopilot.

We do not know if this version will bring aesthetic changes (icons, start, etc) or will keep everything current so as not to mix with Windows 11. But it is most likely that it is a minor update, like 21H1, focused exclusively on improving quality system and also prepare it for the release of the next version.

Windows 10 21H2 also aims to be a new version LTSC, the latest version of extended support for companies thanks to which they will be able to continue using the system until its end of support, when there is no choice but to make the leap to Windows 11.

Most users use a 2020 version, but few use a 2021 version

The 2004 version of Windows 10 is one of the best versions we have seen of this operating system. With its pluses and minuses, in the end it has managed to group the majority of users. Its updates, 20H2 and 21H1 have been improving this version to make it the version that we should all use.

Microsoft has confirmed that, except for serious driver compatibility problems, version 21H1 is now available to all users, as an optional update, within Windows Update. If we are using a 2020 version of the system, in addition, the update is very small and fast, little more than any other monthly update.

There is no reason not to have our Windows updated. And more with what is to come.

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