Notch problems with MacBook Pros are due to tools that are not optimized

New MacBook Pro Notch

In most cases the complaints are clearly focused on the non-optimization of the applications or tools. This, which could be obvious, does not mean that some users continue to complain about design or look more at the notch now that it is in the center of the screen. We still think that the notch would have had every reason in the world to be there if Apple had implemented Face ID, for the rest we believe that the best thing was to add a little more frame and end of the problem …

The reality is that most complaints and problems come from not updating some apps and tools which are obviously the main cause of problems among users of these new Apple MacBook Pro.

In this case we share a couple of videos that are humorously focused but are really critical of Apple. In this case, as we can see, it is not a problem with a native Apple app, but it is clear that it is a problem.

What we see is that the notch bothers regarding the use and functionality of the DaVinci Resolve app (among others). Initially it also affects the menus in the menu bar. The truth is that in these short videos you can see how some menus are hidden under the notch and in the case of the iStats Menus app, how you can even bring the battery indicator to the “back” of this notch … As we say All are third-party apps and tools, there is no doubt that the software needs to be polished for this team, although the creator of these videos insists that we are facing an unfinished product and that Apple should not have launched it until it has been solved.

The tests that are carried out in beta versions for developers often do not show the details of the hardware to obviously prevent it from leaking, but of course, then this happens and taking into account that the MacBook Pro does not have the strangest Face ID, it makes us get used to it. notch. Evidently Over time, apps and tools will be optimized for these teams for now, those who have one of these MacBook Pros will be able to perform the trick of scaling the screen that we will show tomorrow in an article.

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