Note: removing Edge by default is easier on Windows, Teams identifies you better, and more

Over the past few weeks, especially since the Windows 11 startup, there has been a lot of talk about changing the default browser in the system. We already told you these days ago that Microsoft was making it a bit complicated to change Edge to another proposal to use it as a default.

And it is that from what has been seen after the arrival of the new operating system, is that the firm made this change much more complicated than necessary. obviously not all users who migrate to Windows 11, want use the company’s own browser default. Hence precisely many of the complaints that have been made in recent weeks in this regard.

Now it will be easier to remove Edge by default in Windows

Due to all this, it seems that now the company is backtracking on this decision. We tell you all this because in the latest build of Windows 11 Insider This default browser change has been greatly facilitated. To give you an idea, a new button has been integrated that allows change this default program on the system with a single mouse click.

– Rafael Rivera (@WithinRafael) December 1, 2021

This is precisely what users have been demanding for a long time, so it seems that the firm has finally reconsidered. Until now you had to change the default for all different file types, which was a hassle. That is why this new change to make things easier is now expected to continue and I came to the final version of the operating system. This is something that would be greatly appreciated by the majority, especially if we take into account the widespread use that we make of these programs today.

Teams displays new data on the profile card

If we continue talking about this same company, another of its projects that has been very successful in recent times is Teams. This platform allows us to communicate virtually and through chats or videoconferences with users from all over the world. Sometimes meetings are held between several users, so the information we receive from them must be as complete as possible.

Precisely for this reason now Microsoft is updating the profile card of the meeting attendees in Teams to make it a little more useful. Specifically, the company is working on a new function that allows this to know the local time of their co-workers. This is something that will be accomplished just by looking at your profile cards.

teams tokyo

Say this is the profile card in Teams that appears when you click on the photo or name of some of the users.

Software updates of the week

In these lines we are also going to talk about a series of programs that have been recently updated throughout the last week. That is why we recommend that you install the latest version of these as soon as possible.

AIMP 5.01: this is a complete music player that has just been updated with interesting news. Improvements have been made to the user interface and handling of labels. We will also see new plugins to use.

Start10 1.97.1: when changing and customizing the Windows interface, this is one of the most popular options. This program focuses on the system start menu. Now we will find the functions for organizing the programs here as well as fixing some bugs.

IrfanView 4.59: also this powerful multiformat viewer of photographic files has just received an update. In this way, support for the most recent formats has been added, and we will find new effects for images.

HiBit Uninstaller 2.7.10: When it comes to completely eliminating Windows programs, this is a good solution.

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