Nothing has a Phone 1 Light in the pipeline?

The manufacturer Nothing released its very first smartphone, the Phone (1), a few weeks ago. A Light version, less expensive, would it be in the pipes? In any case, it is the rumor that runs. However, everything suggests that it is based on nothing.

Nothing released the Phone (1), its first phone, a few weeks ago. Its particularity is to bet on an innovative design with a transparent back dotted with LEDs. Would the young company have in mind to release a “light” version of this product? Anyway, that’s the rumor of the day.

The site The Mobile Indian indeed affirms that the manufacturer would work on a cheaper version of its Phone (1). The idea would be to offer the same product, but without the transparent back shell and especially without the Glyph system, these LEDs that make the personality of the smartphone. In short, the design would lose all its appeal.

The Nothing Phone (1) Light, a smartphone that is unlikely to exist

The site adds that this light terminal would be delivered with a 42 Watt charger (while the original phone did not have an on-board charger in the box), would have 6 GB of RAM against 8 GB for the first model and would benefit from a 5000 mAh battery (compared to 4500 mAh). For the rest it would be the same smartphone. It would be sold cheaper, around 300 dollars.

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This rumor still seems a bit big to be true. If the existence of “light” models is common on the market, we still see badly Nothing embarking on such an adventure this for several reasons. The first is that Nothing has always been transparent about its products, even before they were announced. So we should have heard about it. The brand also wants to stand out from the rest of the market with an original design, it’s even its trademark. Creating a smartphone “like the others” would make no sense. Finally, there’s a more prosaic reason: Nothing is a small company and can’t string smartphones together like a market giant.

The Nothing Phone (1) is therefore unlikely to exist, but you never know, we are never safe from a surprise…

Source : The Mobile Indian

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