Nothing misses the presentation of its first smartphone, the phone (1)

The Nothing brand presented its very first smartphone, the Phone (1), during an online conference. However, this keynote leaves a bitter aftertaste in the mouth, since the manufacturer has not actually shown much.

Nothing, a brand created by former OnePlus employees, entered the tech world last year with its very good EarPods (1). This Wednesday, March 23, the manufacturer held a conference to unveil its very first smartphone. But there, he actually didn’t show much.

Carl Pei, CEO, hosted this online presentation. During his monologue, he argued that he wanted to shake up a stiff mobile market. For the moment, he hasn’t shaken up much, since Nothing didn’t see fit to show us the smartphone, nor to tell us about its characteristics. Ouch.

Nothing reveals its Android overlay, but ignores the phone

Here’s what we know: the phone will be called the Phone (1) and will be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. It will ship Android with a Nothing OS overlay, which looks very interesting and incorporates the brand’s visual identity. The product is intended to come out in the summer. That’s about all Nothing announced.

Nothing did not say more saying that it was not yet the time. We have to admit that we are a bit disappointed of this keynote without product, especially since Carl Pei made the trick of the “false revelation” to us at one point. The end of the stream was very abrupt, leaving us hungry. We also pass over the technical problems that caused the conference to start a few minutes late. All that for this.

Now we just have to wait to find out a little more. In 2021, we were seduced by the Nothing Ear (1), efficient wireless headphones with a design that was really out of the ordinary and it was in this segment that we were particularly expecting the young manufacturer. We will still have to bite our brakes. Hoping that the next conference will be the good one.

Nothing wanted to shake up the smartphone market with its keynote, but actually annoyed potential buyers more with this false start.

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