Nothing Phone 1: here’s why the smartphone screen is not as bright as promised

The Nothing Phone (1) screen is far from being the brightest on the market, but this is a deliberate choice by the manufacturer. In a press release, the latter finally explained why he had decided to limit the maximum brightness of his smartphone.

About a week ago, Phone (1) users discovered that the screen brightness of their smartphone was far from the promises made by the brand, which claimed brightness peaks up to 1200 nits. Indeed, so far, all tests since launch indicate a maximum brightness of 700 nits, which is far less than the screen is theoretically capable of.

Nothing quickly explained that he was considering unlock this additional brightness range in a future updatebut the manufacturer has especially detailed why he made this choice in a press release.

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Nothing explains why the screen is stuck at 700 nits of brightness

In its press release, Nothing details that “ The hardware is capable of reaching up to 1,200 nits of peak brightness, but this is currently capped by the software at 700 nits “. The manufacturer explains that ” This decision was made to ensure a balanced user experience with regards to heat and battery consumption. We look forward to hearing what our users think about this and will be monitoring feedback closely to see if this issue needs to be addressed in future software updates. “.

Depending on the brand, a range between 0 and 500 nits is fine. for smartphone use under normal conditions. To go up to 700 nits, users will need to enable auto-brightness mode, and be in an environment with lots of light.

The range between 700 and 1200 nits is therefore blocked for the moment, but Nothing plans to jailbreak its screen for several very specific types of uses, which have not yet been revealed. However, as on the other models, the smartphone should be able in the future to reach 1200 nits when it must for example display content in HDR. Be that as it may, despite its limited brightness, we remind you that the Nothing Phone screen (1) is one of the best we’ve been able to test in this segment.

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