Nothing Phone 1: technical problems, endless delivery times, the launch turns into a fiasco

A few weeks ago, Nothing shook up the smartphone market with the launch of its first device, the Phone (1). However, despite a thunderous reception that was unexpected to say the least, the launch was not easy for the manufacturer, who now has to deal with numerous problems.

On July 12, Nothing lifted the veil on its first smartphone, the Phone (1). This atypical smartphone managed to stand out from the competition thanks to its transparent design, but especially because of Glyph, the system of LEDs on the back that flash like a Christmas tree with each notification.

In our Nothing Phone test (1), we noted that despite a few small flaws, the smartphone had finally won its bet to stand out. Nevertheless, now that thousands of orders have already been fulfilled, we find that it will finally have it didn’t take long for the smartphone to reveal its flaws. Technical problems, delivery delays, late updates, we tell you everything.

Some smartphones suffer from technical problems

Shortly after receiving their smartphones, some users quickly announced on social media that their device had technical defects. Among them, we could see that some units had a big problem with their screen, which turns green when the screen is dark. Nothing is far from the first manufacturer to face this defect, which only affects a small number of units, since Apple had already suffered it on the iPhone 12, and Google on the Pixel 6, for cite only them.

In addition to green screens, other users have reported the appearance of dead pixels on the screen several days after receiving their smartphone. This was the case, for example, with our Indian colleagues from Beboom, or even more recently with the device of our German colleagues from Allround-PC.

Some Internet users have also sounded the alarm about dirt and discoloration on the back of their smartphone, and others have even reported that the LED strips, which are the star attraction of the device, were starting to peel off. Nothing, however, wanted to reassure customers by stating that this issue only affected the first stock of units produced. For the others, we will have to wait to see if Nothing fixes them with a software update, or if it will be imperative to ask the after-sales service for another copy.

We also learned that some LEDs changed color to also turn green.

Finally, some units have other finishing problems, elements such as the flash or visible components not being perfectly aligned.

Delivery times are getting longer for some versions

Faced with the magnitude of demand, the Nothing Phone (1) was originally marketed through an invitation system, as the manufacturer failed to produce enough smartphones for everyone. Members of the community were the first to be able to order a copy as early as July 12, and Nothing later expanded the invitations to other interested consumers once it produced enough units by July 21. The smartphone has created such a craze that the waiting list has passed the 200,000 interested mark.


Despite its invitation system, Nothing seems to have had a lot of trouble managing its orders well. First of all, the customers had the bad surprise to note that all versions were not available in all colorwayssince the white version with 8 GB of storage and 128 GB of RAM is missing.

When placing orders, the official Nothing website announced different delivery times depending on the configuration chosen. The basic black version seemed to be available the fastest, while the versions above had to wait a few extra days. Delivery times were even longer until mid-August for versions with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage.

Nothing Phone 1
Credit: Amazon

While the first orders were quickly delivered on Thursday July 14, two days after the launch, other customers who had ordered the same version as soon as it was released are still waiting for their copies. This is for example the case of Rodrigo and Césario, from the official Discord, who both ordered a white version with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage a few minutes after the launch. Some members of the community, to whom Nothing had nevertheless promised a copy before the others thanks to their investment, have also still not received anything. Amazon, which only opened orders a few days ago, is already delivering copies.

The first buyers have still not received their smartphones

Even before the official presentation of the smartphone, Nothing had auctioned the first 100 copies of its new Phone smartphone (1) from June 21 to 23, each with a unique number engraved on the edge. The first copy was also torn off for 2857 euros, more than 5 times the value of the smartphone.

Nothing Phone 1
Credit: Nothing

Although Nothing announced that StockX was going to be the first opportunity for customers to get a smartphone, customers who paid a fortune for their device quickly became disillusioned. Indeed, Nothing has finally announced that the copies that will be shipped will be versions with 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage, which, we recall, will not be available until August. These should therefore finally wait several weeks before receiving their orderat least, for those who haven’t had a problem with it.

Several impatient customers who were concerned about the status of their order contacted StockX customer service, only to find that their orders had been canceled following their email.

Worse still, one of the owners of an engraved smartphone will never receive his copy, since his order was simply lost during delivery. Fortunately, he was able to get a refund, but Nothing shouldn’t send him another engraved model.

Court, who is one of the winners of the auction on StockX, tells us that he had ” received an email indicating that the order had been placed and that the device would be sent to StockX within 3-5 business days “. However, the site then gave no more updates. After contacting them, the only solution the support gave him was to cancel the order and refund him. ” Before making an offer or receiving an order confirmation, there was no information about the phone model we were going to receive. It turns out that the model StockX buyers receive is the one that has been delayed the most “. Living in the United States, StockX was the only way for him to get hold of a copy.

For his part, Drew also received an email assuring that his order was on its way to a StockX center, but did not hear from him again. After contacting customer service to request more information, Drew discovered that his order had been refunded to his PayPal account, even though he had not requested a cancellation. It was only a week later and several emails exchanged with the platform that StockX finally agreed to charge him again for his order. As of now, there is no indication when Court and Drew will receive their smartphones. ” Unfortunately, most of those who placed pre-orders received their orders. At this point, the top 100 on StockX isn’t really the top 100 anymore. “.

Nothing is slow to deploy the first update in France

On July 20, Nothing has started the rollout of the first major update 1.1.0 for its smartphone, since it not only brings new features and bug fixes (including the July 2022 patch), but above all it improves the camera’s photo performance.

Nothing Phone 1

Almost a week after its deployment, French users still haven’t received the update on their smartphone. It’s common for an update to be rolled out bit by bit to avoid some major bugs, but the new version is always desired with us. Nothing yet has many devices on the market to update. It is hoped that future releases will arrive faster or even the same day for all users as Apple’s iOS releases.

Despite a somewhat complicated launch, it is worth remembering thatthis is the first launch of such a scale for the English manufacturer. We see that the latter is trying to correct the situation with users who have encountered a problem, and we imagine that the next smartphones will come out without a hitch. Be that as it may, the Nothing Phone (1) remains an excellent mid-range smartphone, which has managed to offer something original in a market where all devices look the same.

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