Nothing would have a laptop in preparation? Its CEO responds to the rumor

Nothing’s catalog offers only two products: in-ear headphones, and a smartphone, the already famous Nothing Phone 1. Rumor has it that the English brand could release a laptop. Carl Pei brought up this subject on Twitter.

The Nothing Phone (1), a smartphone that stands out, is one of the only two references in the Nothing catalog, the other product sold by the English brand being the Ear 1 headphones. The smartphone has been innovative and elegant while being affordable and sufficiently efficient. As a result, it met with some success with the public. So when the rumor runs that Nothing would consider marketing a laptop, we can only be exhilarated.

Nothing wants to be a brand synonymous with innovative design. No wonder when you know that Teenage Engineering or the creator of the iPod are among the co-founders of the company. Its CEO, Carl Pei, responded to a Twitter user’s question. He asked him if a Nothing laptop was in the pipes and Me Pei’s answer leaves little room for doubt.

A Nothing laptop is planned, but not for now

According to Carl Pei, Nothing not only considered creating its own computer, but also the in-house engineers created prototypes. Given the originality of the products offered by the brand, the prospect of a laptop with the characteristic transparent shell of Nothing is enough to leave you dreaming. The CEO does not leave room for daydreaming for too long. According to him, the priority must remain on the products already on sale, namely the Nothing Phone 1 and the Ear 1.

In the telephony sector, the company is still a small thumb against giants such as Samsung and Apple. Its survival in such a competitive environment is by no means assured, and scattering unnecessarily could be fatal. Nothing is certainly a well-established company, with investors whose experience and reputation are second to none. But it’s one thing to create a smartphone and a range of accessories. It’s another thing to embark on the complex task of designing a computer, even more so if you want to bring something new to the field. The company’s financiers must have reminded Carl Pei of this when he authorized the prototyping of a Nothing computer.

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