November take a breather with the Xbox Game Pass news

More Xbox Game Pass games in November

We are already in the second half of the month, so that can only mean more games for Xbox Game Pass. The list of additions is made up of a total of 10 games, and we will find both versions for console, PC and the cloud indifferently. Do you want to know which are the selected games? This time there are no major releases with the Microsoft seal (Forza Horizon 5 has already been released), so we will have to wait until December to receive the highly anticipated Halo Infinite.

Dead space (EA Play)

An addition that arrives like a glove, since those who prefer to play remotely through the cloud, will be able to remember or see for the first time the psychological terror suffered in the facilities of the USG Ishimura spacecraft. Remember that EA is preparing a remake of this fantastic title, so this addition will serve as a memory in the meantime.

Available today in the cloud

Dragon Age: Origins (EA Play)

BioWare’s award-winning role-playing game comes to cloud mode so you can play remotely in this fantastic world of dragons and wizards. It came to Xbox Game Pass at the beginning of the month, so now you can continue the game wherever you want.

Available today in the cloud

Next Space Rebels (ID @ Xbox)

Unleash your imagination and build homemade rockets with recycled materials for the sole purpose of reaching outer space. Design models and plans with great detail and get your best launch. To infinity and beyond!

Available on November 17 for console, PC and cloud

Exo one (ID @ Xbox)

In Exo One you have to fight gravity while playing with it. Control a very rare interspace ship that only looks for gravitational impulses to move through the most remote places of the galaxy.

Available on November 18 for console, PC and cloud

Fae Tactics (ID @ Xbox)

A turn-based RPG in which you will have to put yourself in the shoes of a girl who decides to cross a fantastic world that will bring you many surprises.

Available on November 18 for console, PC and cloud

My Friend Pedro (ID @ Xbox)

May this nice name not cloud your judgment. This bloody, crazy, explosive and crazy shooter ensures hours and hours of fun with its peculiar gameplay based on moments of slow motion and the possibility of shooting at several points simultaneously.

Available on November 18 for console, PC and cloud

Undungeon (ID @ Xbox)

This colorful adventure RPG promises a deep adventure in which you can choose between seven different characters, each with their own personal peculiarities.

Available on November 18 for console, PC and cloud

Deeeer Simulator (ID @ Xbox)

Imagine being able to be a deer with super powers whose only mission is none other than to wreak havoc and destruction in a peaceful city. It sounds crazy, but it’s nothing you’re going to find yourself playing with.

Available on November 23 for console, PC and cloud

Deadly Shell (ID @ Xbox)

A brutal action role-playing game in which you must prevail over any type of living creature that crosses your path.

Available on November 23 for console, PC and cloud

Evil Genius 2 (ID @ Xbox)

Become the greatest villain mankind has ever known. Create your secret lair and organize a whole battalion that protects you from the attacks of the forces of justice, with the sole objective of creating the device of the final judgment with which to dominate the whole world.

Available on November 30 for console, PC and cloud

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