November will be TicketBAI month at MuyPymes

TicketBAI is a tax system that is part of the Joint Plan to Combat Tax Fraud in the Basque Country. This is a regulation that obliges businesses located in the Basque Country to send the invoices they issue to the Provincial Treasury of each province, directly. In order to put an end to tax evasion, simplifying procedures with the Basque Administration, SMEs, the self-employed and large companies are obliged to use this system.

Each Province has established certain management differences, which we will discuss later this month in other articles. With respect to mandatory date for application it also differs. Vizcaya will be the last to apply the obligation: January 1, 2014; However, in Guipúzcoa and Álava it will be mandatory on January 1 and April 1, 2022, respectively.

Thus, MuyPymes is going to dedicate the month of November to deepen this concept so that it is perfectly clear for Basque businesses, how they can comply with the legislation adequately, the technologies that can help them, advantages of this procedure, etc.

What promotional actions will we carry out?

In addition to including the category TicketBAI in our home that, as you will see, is already enabled, during this month we will use the following communication channels:

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  1. In-depth reports, articles by the leading players in the sector, personalized interviews, success stories, etc … We want to know more information about TicketBAI and its role in the fight against tax fraud, if there are similar cases in other regions of Spain, the differences between the three Basque provinces, etc.
  2. Thematic newsletter. In mid-November, we will select the most disruptive news from TicketBAI to create a newsletter exclusively focused on this sector. At a single glance, you will find out everything that is happening with this procedure and who its protagonists are.
  3. Thematic magazine. With this action, from MuyPymes we continue with the interactive magazine format, with a report (very visual) where we are going to collect the most important things that we have published throughout the month of November, with exclusive articles that we will compile for you. Large format photos, a foreword by an industry representative and TicketBAI information pills will be available at the end of October for all professional TPnet readers.

In short, we follow a new section in Very SMEs It will be brief but very intense and with it we want to inform all interested parties of the specific technological advances, which are in the market, for the TicketBAI process and how it will help SMEs and the self-employed.

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