Now available on Apple TV + the first 3 episodes of the Physical series


One more Friday, Apple’s video streaming service adds new exclusive content. On this occasion, we talk about the series Physical, a series set in California in the 80s and in which our protagonist, Sheila Rubin (played by Rosy Byrne) finds her lifeline in aerobics.

Apple has published the first 3 episodes of this comedy whose first season consists of 10 episodes of just over half an hour long. In addition to Rosy Byrne, we also find Rory Scovel in the role of Danny (Sheila’s husband), Dierdre Friel, Paul Sparks and Della Saba. Behind this series is Annie Weisman.

In the description of this series, we can read:

Sheila Rubin is a submissive housewife tormented by her own demons who struggles to get by in the California of the 80s. Guided by a sarcastic inner voice, she will find success and liberation through the most unexpected route: aerobics.

To get out of the darkness her marriage is in, she engages in aerobics, but is not fully liberated until she discovers a way to fuse your newfound passion for exercise with burgeoning videotape technology creating a revolutionary business and becoming the guru of the feminine lifestyle of the time.

Rosy Byrne is a 42-year-old Australian actress, Two-time Emmy Award nominee by the series Damages, series in which Glenn Close and Ted Danson also participated.

Also has participated in the movies Insidious, My best friend’s Wedding, Damn neighbors, X-Men: Apocalypse, X-Men: First Gen

The rest of the episodes that are part of the first season will premiere weekly every Friday.

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