now he’s dead again

The purchase of Twitter On the part of Elon Musk, the vast majority of users of this social network did not like it. The changes that this new CEO intended to implement were, to say the least, controversial, and he confronted a large part of the community, who quickly began to migrate their accounts to different alternatives. For a month, Mastodon has lived a golden age, and it promised to become the new Twitter. Unfortunately, these promises have not lasted more than a month.

In concept, Mastodon and Twitter are similar social networks. The main difference between the two is the business model. While Twitter is a centralized platform (it works from a server, and is controlled by its managers), Mastodon is a decentralized network (it has several servers, all connected to each other, and anyone can set up one), and, although there are moderators for each server , no one controls the social network. In both we can share our thoughts with more or less freedom of expression, and

After Musk’s arrival at the company, the first changes were not long in coming: more restrictions when commenting, more advertising, payment functions, greater visibility for those who pay, etc. For this reason, many users, dissatisfied, began to mass migrate to Mastodon.

Mastodon Social Network

In a month, this social network gained more than 2 million active users, still far from the data of its rival, but a growth that it had never seen since its launch. Everything seemed to be going well, but this happiness has not lasted even a month.

He has already lost half of what he won

By the end of January, Mastodon had already lost more than 1 million of the users it had gained. It is true that, since November, it has gone from less than half a million active users to 1.4 million active today, but the loss of users is more than remarkable. (Phentermine) What’s going on?

Mastodon growth and death

Two things happen to Mastodon. The first one is that, in a social network, users want to interact with other users. And, if we go to another platform, where the people we are interested in are not there, little we can do. It is the same case as Google+, where people continued to use Facebook, or Telegram, when most users have WhatsApp. Go to a new social network, and start from scratch, like you don’t like it.

The second of the problems, and the most serious, is its difficulty. While Twitter can be used by anyone, Mastodon has a lot of concepts that make it difficult to use. On the one hand we have the instances, being able to create a user in all the instances that we want. When we connect to one, we can only read the users of that instance, although we can also follow friends who are in other instances… it’s all very confusing. And worst of all, if at any given time an administrator shuts down his instance, we lose everything.

There is no quick way to get started on Mastodon, nor is there a guide to help us understand the social network. There are also no ways to quickly find content that we like, nor algorithms to see content similar to our tastes. It has nothing to encourage the user to continue with it.

For this reason, to the pain of many, although right now Mastodon has three times more users than three months ago, it is still as dead as a year ago.

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