NOW is the time to upgrade your PC with these memories on SALE

We have been searching and have found three kits of DDR4 RAM for less than 90 euros. If you want to make the leap to DDR5, we also leave you an option that has a price of less than 200 euros. We are going to tell you what they are and what makes them special or different from the rest of the possible options.


Possibly the XPG manufacturer of RAM, SSD, cooling and other products does not sound like much to you. It is normal, since this brand in Europe and more specifically in Spain is not very widespread. But, it is one of the big brands on the market, with very good quality products.

We bring you this set of two modules of DDR4 RAM, each 8 GB. As you may have imagined, the capacity of this set is 16GB DDR4, which is currently what we consider to be the minimum to do well. In addition, these memories work at a 3200MHz frequency and are compatible with technology Intel XMP.


This SPECTRIX D55 memory kit is characterized by having a heatsink with a quite striking design. Account in your sink with lighting with a quite particular design and it is that on the side it also has a triangle design with RGB. The lighting can be managed by the XPG RGB Sync software and it is also compatible with most motherboard manufacturers.

Note that the heatsink is made of aluminum to offer excellent heat dissipation. Have a 1.95mm thickness, seeking to help memories to work at full capacity. It is also designed so that we can subject the memories to overclocking.

A really interesting kit and of a quality more than tested. Without a doubt, it will give a touch of distinction and personalization to your gaming computer.

Kingston FURY Beast RGB 16GB DDR4

I think that if you are fond of tinkering and have built a PC, you know this brand very well. Kingston is one of the old rockers in the gaming industry, with very good quality products. The brand offers solutions for all tastes, needs and pockets.

We have looked at this kit of two DDR4 modules 8 GB each, for a total of 16 GB. These memories work at a 3200MHz frequency, which we can manually modify at a given moment. These memories have support for the Intel XMP 2.0 technology, allowing to adjust the frequencies according to the available profiles.

Kingston FURY Beast RGB 16GB

As in the previous model, these memories have a heatsink that integrates RGB lighting. The truth is that it is one of the best kits in this sense, since the color is intense and clear, but not excessive as it happens in other kits. Some have excessively high light output in some cases. The lighting can be controlled by the software FURY CTRL of the company or through the software of the motherboard, as we want.

Regarding the heatsink, it has an aggressive design, but prioritizing the correct heat dissipation. The brand knows a lot about it and in this case it offers us an aggressive but highly efficient heatsink. The better refrigerated the RAMthe more we can demand and we will obtain a good performance.

Kingston is one of those brands that sells a lot and is synonymous with guarantee. They have earned a reputation as a quality manufacturer that offers products at a reasonable price.

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Black 16GB DDR4

I must say that for me it is one of the best peripheral brands on the market and I have always liked its internal components. Corsair seems to me to be an excellent brand that offers different ranges, from entry-level solutions to Premium solutions. This memory kit is halfway between both extremes.

This kit is made up of twos DDR4 modules 8 GB each, for a total of 16 GB. We have to say that this kit works at a 3600MHz frequency, so we will obtain an extra performance with respect to the other solutions. On the other hand, it also offers us Full support for Intel Core and AMD Ryzen processors.

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO Black 16gb ddr4

Like the other kits we’ve seen, these memories feature RGB lighting on the heatsink. A heatsink, which we must highlight is made of high quality aluminum to keep the memories well cooled. We seek at all times that we obtain the best possible performance.

The RGB lighting of these memories can be managed using the Corsair’s iCUE software. One of the strengths of this software is that it allows you to control and synchronize all the components and peripherals of the brand. We can also control the lighting of these memories through the motherboard manufacturer’s software.

I’ve been lucky enough in the past to ride and test this memory kit and it’s great. Also, you don’t become one of Amazon’s best sellers by chance.


If you are a hardware snob and want the best of the best, you will surely have a latest generation processor with DDR5. The truth is that at the moment the jump from DDR4 to DDR5 memory is not noticeable in excess. But, with time and optimization we should see that this new memory standard offers significant performance improvements.

This kit has two modules of DDR5 memory of 16 GB each, adding a total of 32GB. These memories work at a 4,800MHz frequency and are fully compatible with Intel XMP 3.0. We have to say that in DDR5 we will not see 8 GB modules, the minimum capacity is 16 GB, so the basic kits become 32 GB.


these memories lack RGB lighting, since they are the “basic” kit that Corsair offers in all generations of RAM. They are a cheaper solution for those who want something of quality and who do not take RGB into account. In addition, it has been modified heatsink, improving and optimizing it for these new memories.

Something very interesting about DDR5 is that it allows greater and easier management of all the features. Through the software iCUE we can gestion the voltage and frequency of these memories. This parameter tuning process is simplified for additional performance.

They are presented as a solution that offers us a great relationship between performance and price. In addition, these Corsair DDR5 memories are among the best sellers.

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