Now is the worst time to buy a MacBook, why?

The new MacBook Pros are on the prowl

Mark Gurman is one of the main gurus in the Apple world, since he has reliable sources close to the company or within it (it has not been disclosed) and thanks to this he can advance some news of the company. This analyst is the one who has confirmed on several occasions, the last one last week, that new Macs will be presented this October. He is not the only one to say it and there is also information that points to the type of computers that will be.

In addition to a possible hybrid between Mac mini and Mac Pro, the apple company is expected to launch two new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. In fact, a good part of its features were leaked in the summer due to a hack suffered by one of the company’s providers. These are said to bring a M1X processor that would improve the already well-known M1, in addition to incorporating a redesign that would be especially striking in the small model, which would help it go from the current 13.3 inches to 14.

A more used front and the return of ports such as HDMI, card reader or MagSafe are possible novelties in the aesthetic field. I also know would remove the Touch Bar after 5 years in which they finally feel that they have not fulfilled the intended task. And although it is expected that are more expensive than the current ones, this does not detract from the fact that we believe that it is now a bad idea to buy a MacBook.

Why do we think you should wait

There are 2 arguments in favor of waiting for your arrival. The first of them is that these new MacBook Pros convince you more than the current ones and in that case you are compensated to wait for them, instead of buying an M1 and regretting the arrival of these. The second argument is that you may not be convinced by these new ones or that their price is too high for your budget, but even then it pays to wait because the current M1s would drop in priceEither at Apple or other stores.

Obviously we do not know your circumstance and if you need to buy it now For urgent reasons, we cannot tell you that you are not going to enjoy one of the current ones. What’s more, you will have a great team for many years and although the new ones convince you more, it is understandable that you need it now. Although we insist that if you can wait, wait. A priori we should be about to know the date of that possible presentation event.

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A MacBook Air might be a good idea

If we continue to be guided by rumors and, except for capital surprise, there will be no MacBook Air in 2021. If it is this range that you like and not the ‘Pro’, we see less inconvenience in getting one of the current ones. It is true that it is expected that in 2022 they will hit a good change on an aesthetic level and also improve performance with a new processor, but for this, there is already more time than for the ‘Pro’.

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