Now the Apple Card returns you 6% of Apple’s online purchases

Apple is doing a new promotion of its Apple Card credit card. Now it gives you back a 6% of what you have bought in the Apple Store online. The truth is that a 6% discount on Apple products does not happen every day.

It is clear that this news cannot matter much to us, since at the moment in our countries we cannot have it, but it does not hurt to look askance at what offers Apple usually offers with it, because sooner or later, in the future we will have the possibility of be able to hire her, and so we see what we can find.

Without advertising it in any way, it appears that Apple is lately offering a 6% daily cash back to users of Apple card who buy any product in the Apple online store.

A “secret” promotion

Several users have confirmed on social networks that this cash back promotion applies to all purchases made in the Apple Store online. As it was not announced by the company, no one knows exactly when that offer came into force, although some users have already seen how they have been reimbursed 6% in cash on their pre-orders of the new MacBook Pros.

This isn’t the first time Apple has offered such a 6% cash back offer. On 2019, Apple ran the same 6% cash back promotion during year-end holiday purchases. Early in 2021, also offered new Apple Card holders 6% daily cash on select purchases and for a limited time.

This new promotion only applies to purchases made with an Apple Card in the store on-line from Apple or in the Apple Store app. Excludes software purchases from the App Store.

As I said at the beginning, at the moment we only observe these promotions from a distance, without being able to take advantage of them, but it is good to see how the Apple Card is working, because surely in the future will arrive in our countries, and we will have the possibility of being able to contract it.

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