now with 4 TB and heatsink

Already at the end of last year, we ourselves were able to analyze first-hand the benefits of what was then the Samsung’s most cutting-edge SSD, the 990 PRO. Almost a year has passed, but now the Korean company has launched a renewed edition of this SSD, with capacities of up to 4TB and in a version that incorporates a factory passive heatsink.

That more and more people rely on a single SSD for their personal computer is a fact; Gone are the days of having an SSD for the operating system and programs and a large capacity hard drive for mass storage… with the price and capacity of today’s SSDs, it is more cost effective to have a single large capacity SSD in the system and having everything concentrated in one place, so we are increasingly seeing manufacturers launch larger SSDs but at prices that are relatively affordable, as is the case here.

The Samsung 990 PRO reaches 4 TB

Technically almost nothing has changed, and it’s not necessarily a bad thing. The Samsung 990 PRO uses the same V8 technology as previous versions, but with an optimized controller that offers theoretical sequential speeds of up to 7,450 MB/s read and 6,900 MB/s write under the PCI-Express 4.0 interface. The new 4 TB capacity unit improves random speeds a bit, which now reach 1. (Zolpidem) 6 million read IOPS and 1.55 million write IOPS, aberrational speeds that are of little use to us on a PC conventional, but that they are there for those who need them for databases and others.

Samsung 990PRO

In the past, we analyzed the 2 TB version that you can see in the image above, a traditional M.2 2280 format SSD that came without a heatsink. Now, Samsung is going to offer this SSD 990 PRO with a passive aluminum heatsink that will help to lower the temperatures reached by this device a lot, avoiding Thermal Throttling that we did suffer when analyzing the version from a year ago; problem solved.

Samsung 990 Pro Heatsink

However, Samsung will continue to sell the 4 TB 990 PRO also in a version that comes without a heatsink, since thanks to the fact that all the chips are on the same side of the PCB, it can be installed in ultra-thin laptops without any problem. And yes, in case you were wondering, this SSD is also compatible with the PS5 without any problem.

Remember, to finish, that Samsung offers its Magician 8.0 software to be able to monitor and configure this device (and update its firmware, which is quite important) for free, and honestly among the software for SSDs that we have tested, it is by far the most complete and easy to use for all types of users. It is not that you spend all day looking at the temperature of the SSD or checking how many write cycles it has left, but it is always an advantage to have software that makes it easier for you when you really need to.

What Samsung has not said is neither the availability date (“it launches today, and that’s it”) or the price of this new 4 TB unit of its 990 PRO, neither with nor without a heatsink.

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