Now yes, say goodbye to the “classic” aspect of Gmail

Let it not be said that Google has not taken it easy, or has not given enough time for everyone who wants it to get used to it. “new” Gmail. Active or passive, and it is that the last redesign of the Internet giant’s email service began to be seen at the beginning of this 2022, which has so little left.

Shortly after, the bulk of Gmail users could already venture into the new interface on their own through the service preferences, and it was not until the end of June when the deployment of the new Gmail began to take place passively, that is, the automatic update by Google. However, you could still go back manually using the same options.

Well, the change is going to end soon: two weeks The company estimates that the new view of Gmail will definitely replace the original, according to the official terms. Or what is the same, to round off, when November ends, the new Gmail interface based on the Material You style will be the default for everyone, basically because it will be the only one available.

The truth is that despite the criticism, the change is subtle and, if anything, improves the interface, simplifying it and bringing together elements that could clutter the experience a bit in a more orderly way. Of course, we always talk about Gmail on the web, although the visual style is inherited from what is seen in the latest versions of Android.

As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is what the new Gmail looks like compared to the old one (or the old one, because it’s not the first Gmail redesign; or the current one, if you’re still using it).

As you see, almost everything is in its place: on the right the accesses of some applications and the side panel; in the center the message list, which although it seems that it hardly changes in the image, it does and for example the attached files will no longer be distinguished with the clip icon next to the date, but below the subject of the message, although this it will depend on the chosen density; and to the left… that’s where most of the changes are.

The most outstanding is the cleanliness, since by default Gmail will only include the compose button, the list of basic mail functions and the labels in the column; and a small panel on the far left which will show shortcuts to other Google Workspace applications, such as Google Chat or Meet, among others. Whether or not you see that panel will depend on whether you use any of those apps.

Be that as it may, like it more or like it less, in a couple of weeks that will be the appearance and functions of Gmail for all users of the service, which are not exactly few: some 1,800 million were calculated in 2020.

In the following video you can see in more detail what the changes that make up the new Gmail consist of.

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