Now you can also make direct on Pinterest

Pinterest is one of those social networks that we have been hearing about in recent years and that, although it is not as massive as others (such as Instagram, etc.) maintains a good legion of faithful who see in its original way of displaying the content the key to its survival. It is very easy to share catalogs of images and pin anything we see and like, in order to always have it at hand selected in our account.

The streamings arrive discreetly

And in much the same way that Pinterest is staying among giants, it has decided to add an extra feature to some of its users, so that they will be able to start doing live shows quickly and easilywithout overcomplicating things. Something that they have decided to undertake from a specific application for both iOS and Android and which is called Pinterest TV. Thus, users will have many more options to interact, especially those who use Pinterest to sell and earn money with their things.

That yes, although it is good news that we have the opportunity to make the leap to the world of streaming from the screen of our smartphone, things will not be easy for the accounts of ordinary mortals. On the one hand because for the moment, in this initial phase that began last Monday, May 2, they will only be able to stream some “selected accounts” and on the other, that its expansion does not affect all the territories in which Pinterest is present.

For now, and until further notice, Pinterest TV can only be used in Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom and Germany, so in the case of our country, we will have to wait a little longer until they decide to permanently reach the rest of the territories of the European Union. It is striking that even the US is left out of this initial expansion of the platform.

A study in the palm of your hand

All of the above, It will be difficult for you to download the Pinterest TV applications both on iPhone and Android, although if you managed to do so, you wouldn’t be able to use those broadcast tools either. This is so because to make them visible beforehand, you have to scan a code that will be provided by the social network itself, which will greatly limit its expansion in the coming weeks. Of course, thanks to the fact that they want to use the most popular profiles, it is very possible that soon thousands of Pinterest users will want to access it too.

Among the tools included in this Pinterest TV is one that is especially interesting: the possibility of using multi-camera, that is, link several devices to the same direct to obtain frames that improve the narrative. Something that certain apps focused on broadcasting can do live and that it will be welcome for those who want to offer a much more professional touch to their work.

There is no doubt that Pinterest, in recent times, has been analyzing what its role will be within the new ecosystem of social network apps, which has clearly turned towards a video format, more or less short, but also of the direct ones where users can contact the profiles they follow and see or listen to them in real time. And with Pinterest TV that opportunity, for now, they don’t want to miss.

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