Now you can cook from your PC and without getting up from your chair

One of the functions of technology is to make our lives easier. That is, reduce the effort when doing a job or allow ourselves things that by ourselves due to our physical limitations we could not do. Well, one of the basic functions is eating and that is why we are going to talk about the interaction between our PC and kitchen appliances. Specifically of the smart ovens that are already changing the way many people prepare meals.

There is still a long way to go before we have a robot in charge of making our food; however, nothing can ever change the work, dedication and care of someone who likes to cook. However, we do not prepare our dishes as previous generations did and much of the blame lies with the new technologies that have appeared over time. However, it is thanks to the internet of things and the ability to interconnect devices with each other that opens up the possibility of being able to stay calmly from the computer and cook.

What are smart ovens?

A smart oven is a kitchen appliance with the same basic functions as an oven, but that takes advantage of current technology to add new features to those that conventional ones already have. Its main peculiarity is that they have a Wi-Fi Direct connection that allows us to communicate our oven with a computer; however, the operation is the reverse of a printer. Since it is the smart ovens that send information to our PC, in the form of video.

Smart ovens

Its particularity is that they have a series of internal sensors, which allow you to control the temperature inside the oven, the level of humidity and other information that is key to achieving a perfect dish. At the same time, they allow us to create programs and, for example, make specific temperature variations over time, decide the side on which a dish is cooked and with what intensity. Although the best feature of all is that they have a high-resolution camera that gives us a real-time view of what is going on.

They also have some characteristics that are not found in a conventional oven and are better than a microwave, since for example we can preheat the food that we have stored in a controlled way. In addition, many of them are compatible with voice assistants such as Alexa, which makes their use even easier.

Easier to use than a botijo

The enormous number of sensors that they have inside will make them evolve over time to make it as easy as possible to cook without the need for human intervention throughout the process. Not in vain, thanks to image recognition algorithms through artificial intelligence, they can know what ingredients we are placing on their tray and know what dishes they can prepare with it. Some are also so advanced that they have humidity control mechanisms. Something that is only found in professional restaurants and it is for these things that the classic microwaves will end up retiring, mainly due to the fact that they are usually smaller than a conventional oven.

The bad of all this? They have not been lavished in Spain and they are not for sale in our country, with the exception of very specific specialized sites. However, using them supposes a before and after. And it is that smart ovens are excellent to introduce you to the kitchen if you are clumsy.

Smart ovens

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