Now you can decide how many hours a day your Xbox will sleep so that it consumes less energy

The latest generation consoles can be real power hogs, however power adjustments can make it Be efficient when it comes to electricity bills. The problem is that to get them to consume as little as possible, we lose interesting features such as immediate startup, so Xbox has updated the console and offers you more options so that you can further refine the way your console sleeps.

Your Xbox sleeps soundly

Xbox Personalize Menu

The new Xbox Series X and Series S can be configured in two ways: with immediate start (Sleep mode) or in sleep mode energy saving (Off mode). The first option allows you to turn on the console instantly as if it were a mobile and thus continue the game where you left off in a matter of seconds.

Xbox Energy Active Hours

The second option performs a full boot since the console was completely off, having to wait for the boot animation and system boot. In its favor, it has maximum energy savings, since in standby mode it can consume between 10W and 15W.

At the midpoint is virtue

Xbox Energy Active Hours

But what if we could define that at certain times of the day the console is suspended and in others off? Say no more, as that is just what Microsoft has prepared with its latest update. Now, in the “Customize power options” section, we will find the “Adjust active hours” option (only available when you select Suspend mode), and it will be there where we can say what hours we want the console to be in sleep (active hours). .

The option allows you to select between three different configuration options:

Xbox Energy Active Hours

  • automatic: The console will automatically learn what your gaming habits are to understand what hours you should be ready and what other times you can rest quietly.
  • Manual: You establish a fork of hours in which the console cannot be turned off and must remain in suspension.
  • Always asset: The console will never turn off and will always be in sleep mode.

As you can see, the options are quite comfortable, although we would have liked to see a more detailed scheduler in manual mode with which to create several slots per day, even separating the weekends.

Thanks to this new addition, if you were already using sleep mode, now your console will consume much less energy while operating in the same way as it did before. This is just another measure by Microsoft to improve the ecological footprint that its products leave behind, so it is appreciated that it is implemented in a way that can improve the user experience.

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